Music & Lyrics – Before Their Fated First Meeting

Published April 15, 2012 by kyleciatong

I admit I am biased, but after watching the latest M&L episode with the two new couples,  I think most would agree that MBC Music did an extremely wonderful job for JunSo Couple.  All the background music was fantastic & everything was so tastefully & artistically done!


[1.06 min] Beginning with the introduction of the leading man & lady, I love how MBC introduced Junso couple in the show. (Hottest, please don’t hit me) Objectively speaking, I wouldn’t consider Junho the most good-looking of men in general but the way that MBC introduced him on the show had me thinking, “Aaahh so this is Junho. Wow, he is pretty cool & cute, how come I didn’t notice him before in 2pm???”


 [1:40 mins] Junho, the first to arrive in the cafe in Yeouido. You can sense his uneasiness & shyness as he kept glancing around him and seemingly rather clueness as to how to handle the situation.  So Eun, on the other hand, was all smiles on the way to the cafe, one can imagine her anticipation & excitement in meeting her new partner. Well, yes she got part of her wish fulfiled – her partner was indeed younger than her, though only by 4 months and unfortunately the man seemed unwilling to call you “nuna (sister)”. Hmm I wonder why?


[3:00 mins] So Eun arrived at the cafe. I find her so so adorable here, with that mischevious look on her face as she tip-toed to sit behind Junho and eavesdropped on his interview. At this point in time, I was wondering if she already knew who her partner was going be…hmmm.


 Yes, we are totally aware why the reporters were smiling. “Paboya (Foolish) Junho, you’ve been trapped! Didn’t you wonder why the reporters were smiling as they were typing???”


(P.S: All photos credit to MBC Music, Music & Lyrics) 


3 comments on “Music & Lyrics – Before Their Fated First Meeting

  • love them! almost as much as SoEul pairing…. 🙂
    but then again it’s so easy to ship her with anyone.
    I remember watching her and YongHwa in one of the awards show and thought ‘they should do a drama together!!!!!’, and then at another award show she was paired with Lee Min Ho and again : omg please a drama!!!!!!!! lol.
    I just love her 🙂

    • Agree. It’s hard not to like this couple after watching them on M&L.
      Yes, she always matches well with her partners so much so that there would usually be newspaper articles reporting that “She & her partners matches well, that they are sweet, adorable etc. etc.” and we probably find a new nickname given to her and her partners by the public in those articles.
      I remembered the first guy I shipped her to after Kim Bum was Jang Geun Seuk (because of the Maxim advertisement).
      Ernestly hope to see that her agency will select younger roles for her instead of pairing her with the more senior actors. After all, she can only be young once in the lifetime.

  • you, know.. i tried to search about junho.. i’m not really paid attention to him then.. in one interview of junho, he said
    a) he wanted a girl that have a big eyes (different from him)
    b) he wanted someday the girl that he likes will saying he is charming
    c) ironically, his closest ideal girl is Hae Jae Kyung (character Lee Min Jung in boys over flowers) if he said Chu Ga Eul, thats really a fate..

    I really think that junho had little attraction of So Eun.. i’m not going to say that he really love her (i’m afraid i’m wrong) BUT yes, i think he really likes her..

    i hope we can see another project of them…

    sorry. english not my first language… sorry

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