Kim So Eun, “My ideal idol is Nickhun”

Published April 21, 2012 by kyleciatong


(Picture credit Soompi & StarN)

This was the statement that made news headlines yesterday & today. Truth be told, I was a tad disappointed (my poor blistered heart) but more taken aback when I read this. Of all idol groups, why mentioned Nickhun that come from the same group of the man that you’ve just been paired with to appear as a couple in M&L??? But come to think of it, like someone mentioned before, she listens to more Korean Indie songs than Korean idols’ songs and the most familiar idol group to her is 2pm, thanks to her younger’s sister love for them. Seriously, I can’t expect her to name her ideal type as Junho, just because she has recently worked with him for a month or so. Can you imagine the even bigger news or scandal that would have caused? For all I know, her most, most ideal person is still Won Bin.

One thing I know for sure, both are still young and single, possibility of them being together is definitely not zero. For now, I will still be keeping my eyes on both of them and I think it’s gonna be interesting to find out if there’ll be any news or magazine articles on Junho’s response to So Eun’s answer, though I suspect So Eun would already told him who her favourite idol person is during their making of M&L.


(Picture credit Baidu)

As there was no news coverage on this yet, just thought I would mention it here – So Eun has injured her left hand while she was promoting her drama Secret Angel in Shanghai about 11 days ago. I saw pictures of her hand in bandage a few days back. I thought she would have recovered by now but it seems like her hand is still in a pretty bad shape. I gotta say I do admire her dedication to her work as with an injury like that, she doesn’t need to turn up for the press conference as she’s not the lead role in this drama. 



12 comments on “Kim So Eun, “My ideal idol is Nickhun”

  • A very concise piece of news and evaluation you have there. Thank you!
    As for Junsso couple, I am a shipper for sure. Even I have no idea how many times I have rewatched their episodes and searched for their news as well as how angry I was and still am when MBC trolled us with the un-air 4s scene.
    Anyway, for this news call me a traitor or whatever I don’t object the idea of Khunsso couple…lol…Even now I am still shipping Bumsso, lol. SoEun is so beautiful and nice that she is compatible with all handsome men.
    Totally support your blog <3333

    • Thanks for the support!
      No worries, I definitely won’t be calling you a traitor ‘coz I feel exactly the same way as you do.
      There’s no denial that it is so easy to ship her with any star, as it seems that she looks just so compatiable with any of them.

      Even though M&L is a show, since they are appearing as themselves and relating things that have happened to their own selves in the show, it just makes everything seemed so real. Their chemistry is just so ‘wow’ that I can’t help but ship them for now.

  • i wasnt that disappointed when i heard the news,it’s not like she’ll answer “Junho”. she always try to avoid scandal with her co stars. although i do wonder of all idols, why the member of 2pm. but it makes sense because as you stated she’s not familiar with idols.

    i’m still faithful junsso shipper no matter what. one thing for sure, i know that so eun is so sincere in M&L. it kinda hurt me when there’s comment like “was she just flirting around with junho?”. she’s once called “runaway” when she was young for the fact that she’s so shy around the boy she liked that she kept running away from him, how can she flirt.. sigh..

    • Yeah I saw that comment too and I know for sure she is not the flirty type, otherwise there would have been non-stop scandals between her and her 4 handsome co-stars in BOF days hehehe.

      Yeah I don’t doubt her sincerity in M&L as well. It’s her first time participating in such a program. I think she has given her best shot and I am sure she definitely enjoyed working with Junho. Believe it would have been a memorable experience for her.

  • Hi, I’m also Kim So Eun fans, and I like to search her news as well. I like your blog and I even put your blog as my favourite one.
    As her say about Nichkhun, I think she just say one name she remember, cause like you write she’s more into Indie song than idols songs. She doesn’t even follow Nichkhun in tweeter. And when Junho talk about his “khun hyung”, So Eun did not even mention about him.
    I also like whenever she’s been paired with “namja” her age. Maybe because her co star mostly are ajusshi.
    Hope to see you writing more in the future about our fav star…

    • Glad that you like my blog.
      Certainly agree with what you’ve said. I hope I’ll have the time to write more about her as well as she’s certainly a very talented actress but I somehow get the feeling not many people seems to know much about her. Yeah its such a pity at such a young age she always get paired up with senior actors. That’s why I was very happy when M&L came along and she’s not acting as anyone else but her herself and partnering with such a talented & cute Junho-kun. 🙂

  • agree on so eun doesnt even follow khun. if she really likes/adores him, i think she will follow him on twitter. the only namja celebrities that has no connections to her (not her labelmates or co stars) that she follows is park yoochun

  • soeunnie seems pay off old scores for “my ideal type is Scarlett Johanssen” lol
    I ship them so much so that my delusion getting worse-_-

  • I’m not even dissapointed when I read the news.
    Maybe she was trying to avoid scandal especially when Junho is idol.
    Anyway, Junsso couple always in my heart. ^^

  • omgosh people she can like who ever she like!!!! she will take what ever decisions she wants for her life on her own!!!! she will date who ever she wants! she will marry who ever she wants!!! not what other people want remember is her life

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