JunSo Couple FanFic: Sad Love – Prologue

Published April 22, 2012 by kyleciatong

(Pictures credit MBC Music)

I have never done a fanfic before and will probably not get down to writing one.

However, it happened that I come across this rather well written fanfic by a fan from China and it seems that there is hardly any fanfic about JunSo Couple. Therefore I toyed with the idea of translating the fanfic for a well now.  The worry that I may not produce a translated version that is as good as the original writer was what has stopped me from doing this right from the beginning. Thus please take this fanfic as good fun and not too seriously. After all it’s just a fiction.

The story continues from where M&L has ended.


Words that one unintentionally overheard would often become the sharpest knife, that even as it slit lightly across one’s heart, as light as those words that were uttered and vanished into the thin air in an instant. And yet because of this one light slit, broke one’s heart completely.

“You mean you are just make using of her to create a scandal?”

“Hmm, this Jin Young hyung’s  intention…you know, we are making a comeback in Korea.””

“But I feel that things are not that simple between you and her, are you sure you have no feelings for her? ”

“…….” He remained silent.

In a far corner, she left with a cold smile plastered on her face, a bitter scent oozing from the coffee that she held in her hands.

Make use. It was just making use only.

So it has all along been wishful thinking on her part, thinking that he felt exactly the same way as she did.

At the softest corner of her heart, those words, just like the sharpest knife that slit lightly across, causing blood that trickled down and pain that slowly spreaded  throughout her body.

Perhaps if she stayed on for a second, she would have heard after the silence, the gentle voice that said “Hyung, I think I have truly fallen for her.”

Truly fallen for her.

Fallen for her.

[Credit Forget_k_ of Kim So Eun Baidu]


That’s it for the prologue now. Do pardon me for any bad grammar/english. 🙂

Not too sure if I should continue. But I’ll see how well-received it will be before deciding.


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