Music & Lyrics – When the Singer Meets the Actress

Published April 22, 2012 by kyleciatong

and realized that she wasn’t Scarlet Johansson & he wasn’t Nichkhun!!! Buaaah ahahaha, sorry just can’t resist adding this one liner.  Well, what can I say life is fair, no one gets to work with their ideal person. Okay moving on, but seconds before their meeting ….

[3:55 mins] Reporter: ” Anyway, it seems like we got to listen to what the actress has to say. It seems that she has came, (at) behind.”  (P.S. If you watched English-subbed version at Dailymotion, the translation there wasn’t quite right) Hmm…from the look of his face, I believe Junho hasn’t quite yet registered what the reporter told him.


[4:00 mins] When it finally hit upon him what the reporter had just told him, he turned around. I am sure I must have heard him say “Oh my God, oh my God! Didn’t realize that she was sitting just behind me all the time….?!!!” orh-ooo..

 [4:02 mins] The sheepish smile that followed after realizing what has transpired. Bet in his heart he must thinking “This is so embarassing, this is so embarassing.  Quick, find me a hole! Can’t believe everyone set me up!” Yes Junho, I do feel sorry for you that you’ve been played out by everyone there..but this so fun to watch…lol..


[4:08 mins] Junho subtly taking a peek at the mirror on his left, trying to see who the actress  was as he was getting himself ready to face her and the very obvious look of recognition on his face when he saw who she was. Ah ha, just have to highlight this – noticed how very RED Junho’s ear has become  after realizing that he has been talking behind (literally) his female partner’s back in her presence.

If I have to name one feature I like about an idol, it gotta be Junho’s ears! Reason being his ears speak volumes, they don’t lie and unfortunately they always betrayed him, hehehe. More often then not, I found my eyes naturally turn to his ear to kind of gauge his feelings about So Eun & the things they did or said in the show. In my opinion, without them the show wouldn’t have seemed so real.


[4:14mins] So what happens when 2 shy people meet each other? Endless bowing???!!! Honestly I thought they would never stop bowing to each other..simply adorable right?



4 comments on “Music & Lyrics – When the Singer Meets the Actress

  • you’re right..
    junho’s ears speak up openly…
    almost all of his scenes with so eun, his aer became red…
    just when he instructed lee jung in the studio.. maybe his ears seemed not red like usual..
    love both of them…
    junso fighting!!!

  • I miss this -_- i miss Junsso couple,
    eventhough it’s already late but i must say i love your analysis^^
    i hope u’ll post another one,,
    i lub u^^

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