News Articles on 2PM’s Interview in MBC Section TV

Published April 23, 2012 by kyleciatong

Gathering all the newspaper articles that appeared on the 22nd & 23rd of April regarding the 2PM’s interview on MBC Section TV here.


1) 2PM Members Say Junho Changed After ‘Music And Lyrics’ With Kim So Eun

2012-04-23 15:44  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho 

 Speculation over the nature of the relationship between 2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun has been rekindled after recent comments made by 2PM’s members.On the April 22 episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay the boys of 2PM sat down for an interview.During the interview, the members were asked if Junho has acted different at all since working together with Kim So Eun as composers/song writers for MBC’s Music and Lyrics.Without hesitation the members all agreed he had changed as they shared such details as, “The looks from his eyes are different”, “Even if he records [for the show] until the early morning hours he doesn’t complain” and “He says he has a lot of concerns as he has to compose a song but laughs while he’s saying it.”
Though the taken aback Junho tried to explain that he normally laughs a lot, his fellow members and viewers were unconvinced, leading to continued debates over just how close Junho and Kim So Eun are.Hm – if even the 2PM members are speculating…could a love line between Junho and Kim So Eun really be true?
(Photos & news credit ENews World)
2) 2PM, 준호 김소은 언급 “수상해…촬영 힘들어도 웃어”

기사입력 2012-04-22 18:26:44 

[TV리포트 박귀임 기자] 그룹 2PM 멤버 준호가 김소은 관련 질문에 부끄러워했다.

2PM은 22일 방송된 MBC TV ‘섹션TV 연예통신’에 출연해 준호와 김소은의 관계를 솔직하게 알려 눈길을 끌었다.

이날 방송에서 리포터 박슬기가 “준호는 김소은을 만나 후부터 수상해졌다”고 질문하자 준호를 제외한 2PM 멤버들은 호들갑을 떨며 O표지판을 들었다.

2PM 멤버들은 눈웃음치는 준호를 바라보며 “이렇게 변했다”고 놀렸고 준호는 “저 원래 눈웃음 쳐요”라고 답하며 부끄러워했다. 

이어 닉쿤은 “준호가 (김소은과)새벽까지 촬영을 해도 힘들다고 한 적이 없다”면서 둘의 관계를 의심했다. 찬성  “(김소은과)같이 곡 작업을 해야 하는데 걱정이 많다고 하면서도 웃었다”고 덧붙여 2PM 멤버들의 큰 호응을 얻었다.  

(Photo & news credit TV Report. Thanks to  yoseobbieMinnie Yang for giving the link to this article)

Rough Translation:

2PM Junho, So Eun Comment [Dubious….Even when the shooting was tiring, (he) laughed/smiled]

[TV Report Park Kwi Im Reporter] 2PM’s member Junho was shy/coy with questions concerning Kim So Eun.

2PM caught the audience’s attention on the 22nd’s broadcast of MBC Section TV Entertainment News by openly/frankly talking about the relationship between Junho & So Eun.

In today’s program, the moment reporter Park Seul Gi asked the question  “Junho, after meeting So Eun become dubious/suspicious” , all members excluding Junho were exuberant while holding the ”O” sign board.

2PM member while looking at Junho’s smiley eyes, “It become (changed) to (like) this.” and an alarmed Junho answered bashfully, “I originally have smiley eyes.”

Following after Nickhun said “Even when Junho filmed (with Kim So Eun) till early morning, he never once said he was tired,” suspcious of the relationship between the two of them. Chan Sung likewise  said ” Even though he said he had a lot of worries as he had to compose a song together (with Kim So Eun), he was smiling/laughing”, gaining big response from 2PM members.


3) 2PM “준호, 김소은과 관계 수상하다” 만장일치 폭로
2012-04-22 18:26:32

2PM이 같은 멤버 준호의 속내를 대변해 시청자들의 이목을 집중시켰다.

2PM은 4월 22일 방송된 MBC ‘섹션TV 연예통신’에서 최근 예능 프로그램 ‘그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡’에서 김소은과 함께 사랑 노래 작업을 한 준호가 수상해졌냐는 질문에 “그렇다”며 자리에서 일어나 환호성까지 지르며 적극 동의했다.

“주옥 같은 질문이다”고 기쁜 마음을 표한 2PM은 “준호가 그 프로그램을 하면서 눈빛이 달라졌다”며 “새벽까지 녹화해도 힘들다고 하지 않더라”고 거리낌없이 폭로, 준호를 한껏 당황케 했다.

이어 찬성이 “작업을 해야 하니까 걱정할 것이 너무 많다고 말하면서 웃는다”고 덧붙이자 준호는 타고난 눈웃음을 지어 보이며 “원래 잘 웃는다”고 해명 아닌 해명을 해 심상찮은 관계임을 의심 받았다.(사진= MBC ‘섹션TV 연예통신’ 캡처)

[뉴스엔 조연경 기자]
(News & pictures credit Newsen)


4) 2PM “준호, 김소은 만난 뒤 눈빛 달라졌다”


 [마이데일리 = 서현진 기자] 2PM 멤버들이 준호와 김소은의 관계를 의심했다.

2PM은 22일 오후 방송된 MBC ‘섹션TV 연예통신’와의 인터뷰에서 김소은을 만난 후 수상해진 준호를 폭로했다.

동갑내기인 준호와 김소은은 최근 MBC ‘그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡’에 함께 출연했다. 두 사람은 사랑 노래를 작업하기 위한 과정에서 풋풋한 연인같은 모습을 연출해 화제를 모았다.

이에 2PM 멤버들은 김소은과 촬영하고 난 뒤 준호의 모습이 수상하다고 인정하며 “눈빛이 (다정하게) 달라졌다” “새벽까지 녹화해도 힘들다고 안하더라” “곡 작업을 해야해서 걱정이 많다면서 웃더라”는 발언을 이어가며 핑크빛 기류를 전했다.

한편 준호는 멤버들의 폭로에도 수줍은 미소로 일관해 눈길을 끌었다. (Translation: On one hand, Junho drew attention when he kept/maintained a shy smile even with/after 2PM members’ exposure/revelation. )

(Pictures & news credit MyDaily)


All 4 news articles basically summarized the interview broadcasted on MBC Section TV Entertainment news. I am not translating the last two articles as the content is basically the same as the first 2 articles (though I provided the translation of the last sentence in last news article as it was not found in previous articles)

While I am happy to hear & see that Junho being teased by his 2PM brothers about Eunnie, but I am starting to get worry as things are getting a little too hyped up.  Maybe I worry too much but I hope this attention is not going to spoil whatever that is possible, whether be it friendship or romance for JunSo Couple.


28 comments on “News Articles on 2PM’s Interview in MBC Section TV

  • His eyes and smile really different when the mc asked about So eun.. so it’s really suspicious. Junho can’t hide his feeling for So Eun.. too obvious

  • i’m worried too.. i hope so eun can accept these with open heart.. before, when rumors about So Eun and kim bum, when reporter asked the ideal man, she said Lee Min Ho over kim bum. Now, when rumors about her and Junho, her ideal idol is Nikhun. I believe, she does’t really like rumors around her.. just my opinion..

    sorry, my english not really good

    • agree with you…
      when the scandal about her and Kim Bum appeared..
      So Eun seemed to avoid it..
      such she said that she like minho over kim bum as ideal type..
      and now something like that again..
      nickhun over junho…
      In the past.. when she picked Min ho.. I belived that the true one is Kim Bum..
      and now when she picked Khun I believed that the true one is junho
      *sorry to khun*
      ideal ~ khun
      real ~ only nuneo

      I think they are still keep in touch ’till now
      so that’s why the fellow member 2PM teasing him about So Eun..
      they smell something fishy between them kekekekekeke
      Music and Lyric is their first V.S
      but it give them many effects kekekeke

    • Hahaha…its really funny to see them tease him and obviously he’s being shy about it.
      As I only got to know Junho through M&L,I am not too sure if he does behave this way with females that he worked with.
      Therefore I am not too sure if that’s a hint.
      Furthermore I thought being idols, they are supposed to keep a low profile where relationships or people they like are concerned.
      So I don’t know what to make of this news…happy and yet not… 😦

  • Taecyon started teasing junho in twitter…
    and now all of the 2PM members teasing him in the interview..
    2PM always like that… thank you..
    2PM oppadeul.. give us more junsso news kekekekeke

  • I think it’s not impossible if they already have a feeling to each other.. in M&L, Junho seem just simple man – young, shy, calm and really understanding person that has talent to compose a songs.. i saw him not the part of 2pm, but only junho. In M&L, when he needed to compose a song with so eun, he discover the new side of So Eun, not just an actress of BOF but the girl that so strong, hardworking, cute, adorable and easy going..

    I know difficult for them to make a commitment but i really hope they can still be friends. More than that, i hope they have special relationship…

    keke.. of course i’m junso shipper..

  • I think 2pm members are genuinely supporting Juhno + So Eun. But, as idols, they still have fans to think of. In many cases, idols choose not to be in relationship because they afraid it will cost not only themselves but their groups’ popularity. A lot is at stake, So it is actually good to see 2pm are cool with So Eun. Besides, what’s not to like about her? She’s super cute. And she can cook! Never heard of her involves in any scandals. I’d say, she’s a fine young lady. Now, if only the Hottests can give their green light, and Juhno to instill some courage, I don’t see any reason why So Eun need to say no, coz darling, you already fell for him. Big time. Proof ? As if you really really need to write you love him at beach? I mean is it part of the script? Heh.

    Ok, I’m beyond help. Haha. Both are sooo cute!

  • Just share my opinion, from So Eun side, her drama Secret Angel (internet drama) is still “showing” now. And the target is China, with China actor as the main actor. I read, that when she went to Shanghai, couple weeks ago, reporters from China making news that Chen Xiang is in relationship with So Eun, because they want to increase the rating. Could it be, that So Eun, couldn’t say anything about her personal life because it can decrease the rating for Secret Angel? That’s why, not only So Eun, but her management also didn’t say much about this situation.
    (I also think her management seems like hiding something, especially So Eun injured. Why there is no explanations or “tweets” to assure So Eun fans that she is ok.)

    • I read that news and I basically disregarded it as it was so uncalled for. Basically it was just a low-handed means by the TV station to create exposure for the drama. There was article that followed that reported she love Won Bin as he is her ideal man (which most of her fans are already aware of) and not Chen Xiang. But you are definitely right, her injury is rather serious. It was in bandages but still swollen and bad after more than 10 days. I don’t know why her agency did not mention anything about it..hmm

  • well this just made my day^^.im a big fan of soeun , i ship her hard with junho, but also i ship her with anyone good to her, & anyone she choose
    well , let’s be honest, i expected things like teasing junho, cuz honestly it’s something usual in group’s life every time one of them paired with a girl in such show, like when the teased khun about vic, or leeteuk, about sora….ext, im glad that not many reports came out about that even soompi or allkpop didn’t translate it. & i m waiting for more teasing , like in strong heart if junho attend it, or in interviews for him or so eun , it something usual about show’s couples.
    iin another side maybe i’m wrong, but i think junho start to fall for soeun really!
    but i don’t think the same for her, cuz it’s her personality, any one watched bts of secret angel will understand , indeed she seems so close to her co-star like if they were friend from their birth! & notice that even can’t talk properly cuz of language barriers.
    i beleive she liked junho genuinely but in the way of friendship, & she feel his manliness many time wich please her, but i don’t think she strat to fall for him , i can’t see that in her eyes but i can see that in junho’s eyes, smiles, reactions! well i’m not saying he totally liked her as a girl, but he liked her as a person & a friend & a great example for girlfriend, & maybe he wished that he wasn’t an idol & she was not an actress!
    beside all that i think junho didn’t feel great the day of cf, he was nervous & look tired & stressed from the beginning ( if u notice he was uncomfortable wearing those pants, look at his way of sitting) &, when they asked about soeun his expressions did’t change wich surprise me a lot! but when the teasing started he became so shy & embrrassed & even hide his head & seems so week & don’t have either the strength or the mood to defend himself. like he was waiting for this & he was sure that it w’ll happened sooner or later,
    well as a shipper i wonder why he was lost é like if he was in another world that day even befor mentioning soeun, ” Are these symptoms of love?” too delusional i know=_=
    well this is my point of vue & really want to share it & to discusses , may be im wrong?
    yes im a hard shipper but honestly i don’t have much hope =_=

    well excuse my bad english, im a beginner

    • Thanks much for your expressing your views here. Everyone is entitled to their own views and is definitley good to hear different voices as well….

      You are right! It’s pretty much expected that Junho will be teased about his appearance with Eunnie in M&L by his 2PM brothers. After all boys will be boys, they simply love to poke fun at one another. But what will be fun to find out & see, will be the things that they would tease him about and his reaction to all the teasings.
      One thing I’ve gathered from the teasing was that Junho definitely enjoyed working with Eunnie and had good feelings for her (be it as a friend or something more).
      Too bad Eunnie does not have sisters like Junho’s 2PM’s brothers, to tease her about working with Junho, otherwise we’ll be able to find out Eunnie’s feelings…

      It’s true that Junho looked uncomfortable during the interview (guess the clothes appear to be too small for him). I think the comment was made because the reporter was with 2pm during part of their commercial filming and witnessed that Junho was generally in good mood even after being ‘betrayed’ by his brothers. To me, I think Junho tried his best to look indifferent when being asked Soeun (thus giving appearance that his expression didn’t change)…

      I watched 1 or 2 bts from Secret Angel and I was rather surprised because I have never seen So Eun acting so close to her co-star before. Based on my understanding of her character (maybe I’m wrong), she has good relationships with co-star but she doesn’t usually behave this close to her co-star. I guess she was just playing her part as being a nice host, firstly because that was first time she acted with a foreigner & secondly because her co-star was the only foreigner in the whole production team.

      Whether JunSo Couple like each other enough to be more than friends in reality is only something that we can only hope as shippers.
      Honestly I am not having too high a hope as well but I will still be shipping them anyway for now…

      • about so eun and her co stars, i think she’s basically close to all of her co stars, her naturally boyish personality make it easier for her to be closer to the guys. i remember seeing BTS of He Who Can’t Marry and she seemed close to Yoo Ah in, that they joke around during filming. and she said she’s so close to her Empress Chun Cu co-star, Choi Woo Hyuk, to the point that the staff think they’re like siblings.

        the same goes to Chen Xiang. besides, the fact that Chen Xiang is so playful make them even more closer even though there’s language barrier between them. they are both the same age, and Chen Xiang seems to like to tease a lot,, and so eun is not someone who can easily be teased without teasing back, hence they seem so extremely close.

        the reason why i ship junsso is because i see that so eun starts to see junho as a man,not just a partner. in my opinion, at the beginning of M&L she only sees junho as her partner, but as they interact more, i think just like junho who discovers many charming sides of so eun, so eun also finds more manly sides of junho. her brimming eyes can’t lie. we all know they are too young to let go of their dreams and career for a serious r/s, but at least they can be friends, and maybe,, just maybe that friendship can turn into love some time in the future. a shipper can dream right

      • Thanks for sharing the info. about So Eun & her co-star. Seems like I don’t know as well as I thought I do…hehhe

        I can’t agree with you more about the shipping junsso part…:)

  • I also wondering is there is something different from Soeuni side, because we don’t know how is her reactions after M&L with Junho.
    It’s easier to observe or got news about Junho, because he is an idol, with a lot of fans that followed him and get his pictures. And Junho also like to share about himself through twitter, and he has many brothers (his group member) that can gave us clues.

    On the other side, there not so many people around Soeuni who like to share about her, even her agency, :). But today Soeuni share one selca picture, and she look so beautiful. I don’t know whether is the make up for Kim Eun Ha role, but I think she looks more beautiful now (she’s also beautiful since teenager). Wise people say that “when you fall in love, you will look more beautiful because you are happy”. And Soeuni look more beautiful since Secret Angel which is it took at the same time as M&L.

    And she looks so happy now. Maybe this is just a delusional thought, but I still believe that falling in love always makes people look more beautiful.

    • really?? LOL. i find it adorable though. i havent seen the tweet, too lazy to check twitter. but i think it’s a good sign. tweeting something like that, not long after so eun reveal her ideal type, will only make people suspicious and associate him with so eun again, even though the tweet may not be related to her at all. and to me it proves that he doesnt mind, maybe even like it, when people associate him with so eun.

  • omo junho tweeted that! that boy is really daring!
    you know there is a sentence in their song sad love ” for me love is sad” at 01.08 in the second part of ep3!
    omo junho yah what do u mean! please don’t play with our emotionts!
    i wonder what mke him tweet that, he know that the press is reacting about his reactions in mr pizza, & about soeun admission & now he say this words!
    even if it don’t have any relation wirth soeun, but man! it is a sensible periode u shouldn’t say someting rondom like that!

  • let’s be positive shippers,, or should i say be delusional?? lol
    i check the tweet because i’m just too curious. he tweeted that at 2 am, maybe he was listening to the song,, and suddenly he recalled his happy time spent with so eun, then he missed her but couldnt really do anything since it’s so late at night,, so he’s so absorbed in the song, and tweeted that part of the song.. isnt it a good sign? he misses her.. ok i’m wayyy too delusional

  • todayyy so eun tweeted “sad love”
    and last nigh junho tweeted like that…
    hmhmh what happend to them?? kekekekeke
    they missed each other

  • &30 April 2012 on SBC tv talk show ” Healing Camp” Park Jin Young announced his planning about to allow dating of JYP ‘s ARTIST. He said this year is WOUNDER GIRL, and 2PM should be next year.
    Yeah!hhhhhhh ….so happy because JUNSOCOUPLE be real for sure “next year”

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