MBC Happy Time (11Sep2011): So Eun Mentioning 2PM

Published April 27, 2012 by kyleciatong


At the special request of Suellen (thanks for the video link as well), here’s the translation of the interview that was broadcast back in 11 Sep 2011 on MBC Happy Time when Eunnie was filming A Thousand Kisses and she was being questioned on 2PM’s members’ names.



Where will be heading to see the “Greatest _ _ _ Couple ” in 2011’s TV drama? 

The shooting location of weekend drama A Thousand Kisses.

We see that the actors getting ready, so who among them is the “Greatest _ _ _ Couple”???

The honour goes without saying to Ryu Jin & Kim So Eun.

Which part of them is the greatest?

The Greatest Visual Couple?

The Greatest Awkward Couple?

The Greatest NG Couple?

None of them is correct!

The answer is in the drama.

(Drama showing)

Grandpa: Can I ask you your age?

Joo Mi: 26 years old.

Grandpa: That’s quite some age difference with Woojung.

Joo Mi: I dated Section Chief without taking his age into consideration from the beginning.


Have you already guessed it?

The two people who saw each other without considering age.

These two persons are this year’s Greatest Age Gap Couple!

Their age difference in the drama is 9 years.

How much is their age difference in reality?

So Eun: 17 years


As much as 17 years difference!

That is like Lee Bong Ju (a marathon runner in Korea) and Mun Geun Young & Jo Yong Gi & Choi Ji Woo appearing as a couple. 

The two persons who are very well-matched as compared to the two above mentioned couples. What are their thoughts/feelings on being this year No. 1 Greatest Age Gap Couple?

Ryu Jin: I feel great.  (Glanced sideways at So Eun slyly…)

So Eun: Yah….

Ryu Jin: You looked gloomy..

So Eun: Hahah..I also didn’t know that there is such a great age difference. I have been working hard at filming the drama…     

Ryu Jin: Working hard to film?

So Eun: No…I..am happy…happy (lifted out her arms) [Awww… Eunnie is so adorable here]


Since there is a huge age gap, is there a generation gap too?

We’ve prepared a little Ryu Jin & So Eun’s generation gap test…

Q: Your favourite song?

Ryu Jin: My favouriste song is Lee Moon Sae’s Red Sunset (laughed & looked at So Eun)

So Eun: (Thinking to herself) Isn’t Red Sunset Big Bang’s song ?(laughed)

MC: And the answer of 23 years old So Eun?

So Eun: I like Yozoh’s E Gu Gu

Ryu Jin: Who?

So Eun: Yozoh

Ryu Jin: Actually, I don’t really know Yozoh.

Q: The names of 2PM’s members?

So Eun: Of course I know all their names…(oh yeah, we gotta thank her sister for that)

Ryu Jin: Uwaaah..

So Eun: Oppa, why are you like that? You know, don’t you?

Ryu Jin: I absolutely have no idea.

So Eun: Really don’t know?

 Ryu Jin: I know 2PM. Even though I know 2PM, I don’t know their members’names.

 So Eun: 2PM, Nickhun, Chan Sung, Junsu, Junho, Taecyeon &…who…

 Ryu Jin: Jae Jung??

 So Eun: ..Woo Young! No, that’s not correct Oppa (referring to Jae Jung).. there’s also Wooyoung.  That’s 6 of them, right?

 Ryu Jin: (Thinking to himself) Jae Joong is not a member of 2PM?

 MC: Aigoo, if Jae Joong’s fans heard that, they will definitely wake up from their sleep!!!


Cute interview! Bet So Eun would have never thought she would get to work with Junho back then….


8 comments on “MBC Happy Time (11Sep2011): So Eun Mentioning 2PM

  • Thanks a lot kyleciatong. You translate all part. I thought she wasn’t 2 PM fans, but from interview actually she likes them before she met Junho.
    I’m also JYJ fans and my reaction to Ryu Jin answer about Jaejoong is laughing hard, when I see Ryu Jin expression saying that.

    • My pleasure. Since I was going to translate it anyway might as well do the whole interview. Plus it was quite a comical one. :). I guessed this pretty showed that among the idol groups. she’s definitely more familiar with or like 2PM. I remembered I was quite surprised when she could name all of them when I watched it last year ‘coz I only knew 3 of them back then… lol

      • Agree, 2PM must be her favorite idol, so she didn’t lie about that.
        I also just know 3 members that time. Taecyon, because I saw his movie, Nichkhun, because he was with Soeun represent winner for the music award, and Junho, because I thought he is Rain little brother. And after M&L.I just realized Junho was not related to Rain, kekeke.

  • I saw this video last year…
    and yeah…. this is long before she met junho…
    and we must under line…
    though she forgot Uyoung.. but she still remebered our junho..
    but yeah.. I know.. she mentioned khun first.. haha she was khun’s fan.. kekekekek
    but.. she had had a work with khun before in SMA 2011.. so it’s possible to sso to know khun more…

    hanks for the trans^^

  • thanks very much for the translation
    hhhhh so eunie is really so easy going,flirting , joking cheerfully even with ryu jin who is 17 years older than her
    that why i think that no one know what is hidden in her heart, as she said always “I’m actually a quite person, not being able to speak out for myself”. i’m sure her true feeling can’t be shown to any one, yes she is cheerful & so close to all her co-stars, but i think few of persons can understand & feel her .
    That’s what i was concluded after being a fan of her for a long time

  • sorry bulkgoguma for the late replay, well i talked about my opinion here before , go shek my comment about “News Articles on 2PM’s Interview in MBC Section TV”, well right now im hard shipper & im really confused, especially when i rewatch some parts of m&l, sometimes i think that she liked him too, but what im sure ( just my point of view) that his feelling were stronger than her’s.
    soeun is an actress , she is always surrounded by many guys, and with her friendly personality she is used to flirt with them & do some natural skinship for ex all her acts the day of the trip to jeonju were so natural without any special feeling (like wrapping her shawl around junho).
    i think that the day of evaluation was the turning point of her feeling, so she started to see junho in another totally diffirent way, & back th an i think that they contacted each other alot, & worked togeder, & sure junho gave her alot of help & support & don’t forget the day of filming canceleb by dear mbc =_=, that why they were totally close & more comfortable the day of camping , excuse me i’ll be so delusionale to say that i think soeunie tested junho that day , & he surprised her with his nobles & manliness, & surely got the full mark lol. that why i can see clearly the different look on her eyes when they met after that especially in the restaurant.
    well beside all of that i think soeunie had controlled her feeling & dealt with the case as a temporary fiction, & as for her gifts i don’t think that she mean something special giving him a design with her picture & hand written letter, she is a girl after all ,she do care about gifts alot & she is sincere with her feeling, she appreciate him & respect him alot & like him in someway & he totally deserve that.
    . as a fan of soeunie, i think junho is a good guy for her, i’ll not worry about her when she’s with him, if junho truly have some sincere feeling tward her i hope she can give him a chance.
    & the reason why i think that junho’s feeling are more stronger is because, his life is so diffirent & hard especially on the level of social relationship with girls even natural friendship is hard, so when he met soeun he sence a new taste of life, sweet , beautiful , simple, & how much is fun & comfortable having a friendly person like soeunie beside him, & soeunie is absolutely a special girl & diffirent from all idol girls he know, so it is really hard for him to experience that kind of natural & simple life of a young guy when he is unfortunately, obliged to back to his harsh fact. after few days, maybe im wrong but when they were about to say goodbye, i feel regret in his glances, & i really think that his was sincerly so sad , he tried hard to smile but when he looked at her when she was speaking the smile disappear & his eyes filled with more tears, & did u notice how much did he sigh? , ah my heart broke into pieces remembering that scene -_-
    well this is how see the case between this too, sure im so delusional hehehe
    right now i want them to keep in thouch , why don’t be friends, where is the pbm? didn’t he cheer that actress uhm jung hwa or something in twitter last time?
    park shin hye still aclose friend to both jung suk & young hwa & no one of them care about rumors? so where is the pbm?
    infact i think that the story of this two is already ended, i don’t know why i don’t have any hope of a real thing btween them, but im really hoping for mbc to get them back togeder again , like makig a poll of the most popular couples on m&l, or making special episodes with many couples, or making them the mc’s in some parties like what she did with wgm couples , i hope so.

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