Kim So Eun’s Tweet 3May12

Published May 3, 2012 by kyleciatong

(11:43AM KST)

새벽에 비와서 레인부츠 신고나왔는데 해 떴네요… 이런.. ㅠㅠ 배고프고 덥네요..ㅋㅋ모두 즐점!

Rain came in the early morning (dawn) so I wore my rain boots out but the sun appeared…like this….(I am) hungry and hot. Everyone, have a good lunch!


 (Credit Kim So Eun Twitter)


Wah, she’s look so cool and pretty in this photo!

Each time So Eun tweets, Mr J Lee would have tweeted more than once and I am sure the Hottest would have done a faster and better job of translating his tweets. Believed he already tweeted about 5 times on 1 & 2 May, mostly replies to others’ tweets, so those interested can check out his twitter 🙂


7 comments on “Kim So Eun’s Tweet 3May12

  • Like I mention before, she always beautiful / pretty / yippeuda (I don’t know how to write this)… Seems that she likes to take a picture wearing a big sunglasses since couple weeks ago. And Junho also likes to wear big glasses. Did you guys saw Junho pictures at the airport going to China & back from China? Whether their face is so small, or maybe it’s a new trend fashion for celebrity in Korea…

    • Yup yup I saw the pictures too but I believe that it is a pretty in trend in Korea and probably other countries as well, as wearing big glasses will make your face look small and people just love it when being commented that they have small faces..kkeke

  • OMO.. so eun is pretty asusual..
    she often uploaded her pict with sunglasses..
    hmhm since she teamwork with mr J Lee

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