4May2012: Kim So Eun’s Interview with Sina

Published May 4, 2012 by kyleciatong


Some of you may have known that So Eun has set up a Weibo account (China’s equivalent of Twitter & Facebook) yesterday. Thus sina.com (an online media company in China) did a feature interview with her and posted the interview online.

Here’s the translation of the interview for those wanting to get to know her better:


Sina: Please first greet the netizens of Sina!

KSE: Netizens of Sina, hello everyone, I am Kim So Eun.

Sina: We know that you are currently filming a new drama <<Happy Ending >>with Kangta. What kind of drama is that, can you introduce briefly to the fans in China?

KSE: <<Happy Ending>> is a family drama. My role in the drama is a hyprocrite, a hyprocrite girl who likes to act as if she is very innocent, cute, arrogant & pretty. In the drama, there are non-stop conflicts between Kangta & her at the hotel, thus they bicker often. We will present a new image of  a quarrelsome but loving couple/pair.

Sina: Do you know Kangta before? Did you impression of him change through this co-operation?

KSE: When I see Kangta Oppa on tv, I thought he was an attentive, gentle & very warm man. After meeting him, he is just as I thought, he’s very warm and attentive, and very gentleman as well. We are now filming together, we have very good chemistry and personally he gets along very well with me.

Sina: A lot of fans know you through <<Boys over Flowers>>, does this drama hold any special meaning to you?

KSE: No matter what, I feel that <<Boys over Flower>> is a production that I am thankful for. Many people have gotten to know “Kim So Eun” the actress through this drama. Through this drama, I also could meet other good productions. To me, it’s a lucky/fortunate production.

Sina: During the filming of <<Boys over Flowers>> there were many same-age actors that participated as well, were there any unforgettable BTs or stories that you would like to share with everyone?

KSE:  Since it was filming together with same-age actors, the atmosphere on the set was very harmonious, interesting, and everyone gets along very well and often chat together, thus the whole filming process was very enjoyable and gave me many good memories. Among them was a scene  where Kim Bum and I were in Jeju Island. The scene where both of us were in the sports car, racing (down the road), I thought that scene was very beatifully filmed. That shooting of that scene gave me the deepest impression.

Sina: It could be said that many Korean Stars rose to stardom through this drama, were there any changes in your life after filming it?

KSE: After the broadcast of <<Boys over Flowers>> many people recognized me on the road. When I went to restaurants to have my meals, the service staff aunties would also recognize and gave me more delicious food.

Sina: Till now, you’ve acted dramas with two episodes weekly, daily dramas & weekend dramas, what kind of help have such experiences given you in terms of your acting skills?

KSE: Such different genres have indeed been a great help to me. When filming daily and weekend drama, there were quite a lot of famous senior actors acting as well, I have learnt a lot from them, and it also can expand the range of my performance. When filming <<Boys over Flowers>> I am only acting with young actors. Dailyand weekend  drama usually targets the 30 to 40 years old as well as grandma’s category viewers, so the the range of audience that I can get in touchwith  also become bigger.

Sina: Among these dramas, which role do you feel suit you the most?  

KSE: After acting so many shows, it seems like there isn’t a role that is not suitable for me. During the process of acting, if I engross myself into that character, I will discover that, this part of this person is like me, this part and I are very similar, thus very naturally it (the character) will be merged together  with me “Kim So Eun”. Therefore till now, the characters that I’ve played, most of them are suitable for me.

Sina: Till now, the characters that you’ve played are mostly very kind and upright. Are they similar to your own personality? Or it is hard work that you’ve  specially  put infor the roles?

KSE: No, I didn’t really work hard. My personality is basically like that. Thus it is very similar to the kind and upright characters. My actual personality is more cheerful, lively, straightforward…more easy-going, lively, so its very interesting that I can present this easygoing, lively personality  in my works.

Sina: Have you thought of seeking a break-through, challenging a different kind fo role?

KSE: Currently, I have never thought of avoiding these characters soon. Through every production, I wish to seek for characters that are like me and try  the characters that are different from me, slowly moving forward step by step. The character that I played in <<Happy Ending>> is  totally different from the roles that I’ve usually played. The Kim So Eun in <<Happy Ending>> is extremely picky, especially arrogant, very hypocrite. and so straightforward that she can scold people without any qualms. She is a very bold person. Totally opposite from the roles I’ve played before.

Sina: So what kind of role would you like to challenge?

KSE: I would  like to challenge action movies. <<Kill Bill>>? Very strong woman?? If  I have the chance, I would like to try.

Sina: Why did you choose to become an actress then?

KSE: My dream when I was a child was to be an actress. Since young, I like photography and like to be photographed by others. It seems that my dream was to be an actress from young till now, so that no special turning point (that made me decide to be an actress). I am considered lucky, someone I know suggested that I try acting. I feel that my luck is good.

Sina: Where do you think is the appeal of acting?

KSE: I feel that the appeal of acting lies on the ability to experience different types of characters. I am living as “Kim So Eun” and at the same time I also live the life of “Kim Eun Ha”, “O Bok” and “L”. I can experience and understand the lives of different characters.  Even though I don’t have such a life, but I can experience it through different characters, that’s the greatest appeal of acting.

Sina: Recently there are more and more China-Korea collaborated dramas & films, do you know about China’s film works or actor?

KSE: I have watched Jang Nara’s <<The Mischevious Princess>>, it’s very interesting and I really like Jay Chou. I am his fan and I’ve watched his film works.

Sina: If there is a chance, which China’s actor or director would you like to work with?

KSE: I really like Jay Chou, so if there’s an opportunity, I want to work with him.

Sina: What kind of hobbies or interests do you have normally? What do you do when you are not filming?

KSE: Recently, I have been busy with filming dramas, movies, but when I have some personal time, I will usually only watch movies, have teas or good food with friends. However as I have too busy, I haven’t had the time to meet my friends recently. If I have time, I would ask them out and do all these.

Sina: Who are your friends in the industry?

KSE: In my school and of the same age as me are Go Ara and Kim Bum, we chat often on the phones, have meals together or  teas.
Sina: If you are going to to China for a tour, where would you like to go the most?

KSE: I went to Shanghai once because of <<Secret Angel>>. If there’s a chance, I want to go to Beijing as well. Shanghai is fun too and I want to go again. But if opportunity arises, I would prefer to go to another city, like Beijing.

Sina: Do you have any activities planned recently?

KSE: Now I am filming <<Happy Ending>>, once it ends I will take on another production. Therefore I am slowly choosing my next project.

Sina: Lastly, please say something to our Sina netizens.

KSE: Sina netizens, thank you for watching this interview. I hope that everyone will like the drama <<Happy Ending>>. I will work hard, please look foward. Thank you everyone. Bye.

(Credit sina.com for news & pictures)


If only Sina.com would interview her about M&L. Her M&L stint would have made such a great interview material…what a  pity… *big sigh*


13 comments on “4May2012: Kim So Eun’s Interview with Sina

  • Yeah, its good that she no longer has any qualms about mentioning Kim Bum in her interviews and that she is very good friend with him. Guess being in the same university helps a lot 🙂

  • woaaa so eun still contacting each other..
    mmm have tea and food too.. kekeke
    good for it! they are best friend!

  • You are great, kyleciatong… Daebak… Thanks for the translation. I really enjoy a lot when I can understand her interview.
    Seems now Eunnie is freely to said about her friendship with Beom. Just wondering if Beom also mention about his friendship with Eunnie, because I saw him more with Ilwoo rather then others.
    Hope she’s still keep contact with her other costar especially Junho…:-)

    • My pleasure, as I realized that So Eun’s interviews usually don’t get translated as quick or as often. Hopefully more people will get to know her through this. Well I don’t really follow Kim Bum’s news and yes I do see him more often with IIwoo & Minho.
      I certainly hope she still keeps in contact which Junho, which I suspect its rather tough especially when I’ve seen that his schedule was packed to the max in the past 2 months and probably many months to come….

  • thanks so much for translation, u r right her interviews didn’t get translated at all=_=!
    i think u r a member in soompi right? , i’m the same souma here & there, sorry i had put the link of ur translation without getting ur permission,
    that is the link of the interview in youtube

    people r asking for translation , u can help them ^^

    • My pleasure always. I did see people asking for translation in youtube, which was part of the reason why I decided to translate this. I realized most of JunSo Couple news that originated in China didn’t usually get much coverage in Korea or out of China.
      Thanks putting the video here, though I also provided the link in the news but it is not that conspicuous.
      Yup, I’m a member there & AutumnBliss is my user name but I hardly comment much there, but I do visit there regularly to keep myself updated of her news 🙂
      No worries, feel free to link any content here as long as it helps to provide more publicity for JunSo Couple, So Eun or Junho 🙂

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