May2012 – Random Updates on Junho

Published May 8, 2012 by kyleciatong

I’ve realized that the blog has been rather lacking in Junho’s updates, which I believe most Hottests would done a fabulously job of providing updates of him on their websites.

Anyway that being said, since this a Junso Couple mini-blog, guess the blog wouldn’t be complete without any news about him.


31 May 2012

Earlier in this post, I’ve mentioned Junho flew all the way to Japan  to record TBS’s broadcast of special variety program [明石家さんまのずっとあなたが好きだった!] as he was named by Japanese female comedian Watanabe Naomi as the celebrity that she likes.

Today the program was broadcast in Japan. The program was quite funny as everyone really exaggerated their expressions. Her message to Junho was really sweet as well.  Click on show title for the link to watch. Thanks to Arein for providing the video link.


Summarized Translation

When Junho appeared, everyone in the background was shouting “”Cool”, while Naoma said “(You must be kidding (i.e. she didn’t believe that Junho really came)!”  Junho then said that it had been a while.

The host, Sanma Akashiya said Junho came today and had to finish by 7pm and return to Korea and posed the question why did he come to Japan then? The subtitles indicated that he was came from Korea to Japan for a day trip solely for the reason of meeting Naomi. He then asked Junho if he remembered the 3 times that they (Naomi and him) had met each other. Junho said yes – twice during program and once during concert. Sanma then confirmed with Naomi if she did went to the concert. She said that she did go to concert to see him. Sanma then asked Junho if he knew from the stage that Naomi was there to see him. Junho said yes, he exactly/precisely saw her  (ooh such good fan service he was giving…:)). Sanma then laughingly said to Naomi if  she were seating at the front seats, it was easy to understand why (that no way that he could saw her). Sanmo further added so he remembered. Junho said of course, even now his heart was beating. Naomi was excited that she pulled up and turned over her skirt and Sanma shouted her not to do that. He then bent down trying to see what kind of lace she was wearing when Junho attempted to stop him. Sanma then told everyone Junho was kind, that he was trying to see Naomi’s lace and Junho tried to stop him by extending his arms and said “Aaah”.

Junho thanked Naomi for raising his name in the program and that he prepared a present for her and said it was a Korean traditional handicraft. But Sanma misheard it as ‘bento’ (Japanese lunchbox). Junho then said he think it would suit Naomi well. Naomi upon seeing it was a butterfly necklace, said she was about to cry. Then one of the participants shouted to Naomi not to put on the necklace, that necklace was not something one put on herself and told Junho to put it on for Naomi. Sanma went behind Naomi and tried to help. Naomi jumped and said he was in the way! What happened next got to be the most comical moment of the program…simply hilarious!! Everyone commented that Junho was very gentle/kind when he helped to wipe away Naomi’s prespiration. Junho then said it was hot (blushing probably he was not used to people praising him???!!).

Next was Naomi’s love letter to Junho:

“To Junho-sama, it’s been a long while. I didn’t think that you would really come so thank you. The first time we met was during the Konto program. During that time, despite in the midst of recording, my heart was beating fast by your smiling face. Your smiling face is the number one cutest in the world. Since that day, when I returned home tired, I will become energized/lively whenever I watch your video. Because there is you, I would work hard. I am happy that I can meet you again through this program. And I want to see your smiling face by/at my side. I’ve written my contact details. (In Korean) I have liked you since a long time ago. “

Junho then hugged Naomi. Sanma said he shouldn’t lose out to them went up to Junho’s translator and gave her a hug. Naomi & Junho tried to pull him away and the participants said the translator’s face had turned totally red and she seemed not to like it.

Sanma and Naomi thanked him for coming.

Video ended informing that Junho wrote a letter to reply Naomi and the contents would only be revealed at the end of the program.

(Credit Japan TBS, F45cs)

24 May 2012

Junho’s Tweet

9:05PM KST  今日 きてくださった みなさん ありがとう(^-^)/ 明日も ありますよね。 ぼくの 日は いつでしょうかね?? (Thanks to everyone that came today.(^-^) There’s also (concert) tomorrow. When will my day be?)  P.S Might he be referring to the day when he’ll be doing a solo performance??

8:58PM KST JJproject가 드디어 데뷔무대를 마쳤네요~^^ 첨인데 긴장안하고 잘 해서 기특합니다~~ 앞으로도 화이팅!! @jbjyp @jrjyp ( JJproject’s debut stage/performance finally ended~^^ Even though its (their) first time, they performed well without being nervous, so its commendable~~ Continue fighting going forward!!@jbjyp @jrjyp )

(Credit Lee Jun ho Twitter)

23 May 2012

Junho’s Tweet

P.S: Seems like he’s really free today. Never come across any singer that tweeted so much in a single day. But his tweets conversation with Seulong is really quite humorous…hehe.

8:58PM KST  @2AMONG 사랑합니다 내 로망 우리사랑영원히  (@2AMONG I love you, my romance. Our love is forever.)

8:45PM KST: @2AMONG ㅋㅋㅋ탄감자ㅋㅋㅋ (@2AMONG ㅋㅋㅋTanned potatoㅋㅋㅋ)

4:46PM KST: @2AMONG 또 부른다. 내가 잘잘 잘못했어~~ (@2AMONG Calling again. I am really really sorry ~~)


1:54PM KST 아이스크림소년 2 ㅋㅋㅋ 2년전엔 오키나와 여기는 어디게요~~? ( Ice cream Boy  2 ㅋㅋㅋ 2 years ago in Okinawa and where is here~~~??)  P.S. Ameyoko!!! One of my favourite must-visit places whenever I am in Tokyo…:P

(Credit Lee Jun  Ho Twitter)

20 May 2012

Pictures of Junho leaving for Japan at Gimpo airport.

Guess everyone knows why he earlier tweeted “See you in a while” to Nickhun.

(Pictures credit LOGO)

18 May 2012

Screen shots of Junho wishing Lee Hyori “Happy Birthday” in a video shown on OnStyle’s “Golden Age 12”, a program hosted by Lee Hyori.

(Credit Eomam0430)

15 May 2012

Sexy & chic photos of Junho & Taecyeon in June issue of Korean magazine Cosmopolitan.



(Credit twooneday, Baidu 2PM & Lee Junho &

14 May 2012

1) Junho’s Tweets

4:10AM KST: @officialse7en: ㅠㅠ 형 저 이따 일본가는데 ㅠㅠ이번엔 못뵜네요 ( @officialse7en: ㅠㅠ Bro, I’ll be going to Japan in a while but this time we wont’ be able to meet)

4:11AM KST: @Khunnie0624:  우리 멤버들 너무 대단한거같다. 멋져 멋져 멋지다! 쭉 이 대로 가자! <3”. ㅋㅋ 내가봐도 그래 ㅋㅋ 화팅 (@Khunnie0624 I think our members are great. Cool, cool, so cool! Let’s continue to be this way. I see it that way too ㅋㅋ Fighting)

4:12AM KST: @2PMagreement211 찬토르랑 옥크 대박 ㅋㅋ (@2PMagreement211 Chan Thor & Hulk are great!)

6:29PM KST: @taraeunjung1212 그냥 식단을 해 ㅋㅋ (@taraeunjung1212  Simply go on a diet ㅋㅋ)

6:30PM KST: @JYPEOFFICIAL 아니 이게 대체 언젯적이랍니까 (@JYPEOFFICIAL  No, when on earth was this..) P.S. He was implying that it took the staff so long to upload the video of them filming the NEPA CF.

(Credit Lee Junho Twitter)

2) Touch Korea

Promotional photos taken for Touch Korea

(Credit WB)

12 May 2012

Junho’s Tweets

6:41PM KST: 드림콘서트에 온 우리 hottest!! 신나게 놀아봅시다. 우리랑 만나기 전에도 즐겁게 즐겨야해요!! 매너있는 우리아가씨들 싸랑해!! (Hottest who came to the Dream Concert! Let’s have fun. Before meeting us, you must enjoy yourself happily!! Our young ladies with manners, I love you !!)

10:27PM KST: 아 운동한다 !!ㅋㅋ 오늘 핫티스트가 별처럼 반짝이는날이라 선물입니다  (Ah, I (We) exercised! ㅋㅋ Today Hottest is a shiny day like a star…this is a present.)

 (Credit Lee Junho Twitter)

11 May 2012

Junho’s Tweets

10:25 AM KST:  @2AMONG 나의 ㄹㅁ 이기도 하지 (@2AMONG I too wasn’t around…). P.S. Guess he was referring that he was not present at Seulong’s birthday celebration.

10:26 AM KST: @SANGCHUKANCHU 형 노래 신나요 ㅋㅋ 계속듣게되요 ㅋㅋ 나쁜놈 ㅋㅋ (@SANGCHUKANCHU Bro, the song is exciting. I keep listening to it. ㅋㅋBad Guys (name of Mighty Mouse’s new song)ㅋㅋ

10:26 AM KST: @eznotes @changddaiworld 대단한 예술가들 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 화이팅!! (@eznotes @changddaiworld Great artists ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Fighting! ) P.S. @eznotes  is the lady that composed Sad Song with Junho. He was rooting for these two composers after he saw their conversation, where @changddaiworld praised @eznotes for the song she composed for IU. Definitely agree with @changddaiworld  that she is a pretty composer. And talented too.

12:32 PM KST:  @2AMONG ㅋㅋ그래서 난 아홉시 반에 일어났디 오늘도 ( @2AMONG ㅋㅋ That’s why I woke at 9:30am this morning as well) P.S.: Seulong was telling Junho he thought of Junho who had said a long time ago he would become morning person.e., someone who gets up early in the morning, he thought of Junho. When Junho tweeted the above, he was rebutted by Seulong saying that’s not considered a morning person.)

 1:03 PM KST: @2AMONG ㅋㅋㅋ 운덩도 해써.. 곧 끝난다 ㅋㅋㅋ (@2AMONG ㅋㅋㅋ I also exercised.. It’lll end soon. 곧 끝난다 ㅋㅋㅋ)

(Credit Lee Junho Twitter)

10 May 2012

Junho delivering Mr Pizza to a university, along with Chansung and Nickhun.

(Pictures credit WB & Baidu Lee Junho)

9 May 2012

Junho’s Tweets

9:53AM KST: @0430yes 티비에서 안녕하세요 재방송보는데 우영바라기 엄마. 편. 대박이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너인기 짱이여 ㅋㅋㅋ (@0430yes  I am watching the rerun of Hello, Moms who desire/want Wooyoung. It’s great. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Your popularity is fantastic ㅋㅋㅋㅋ).

10:05AM KST: @0430yes ㅋㅋㅋ 전화통화 했던게 이거구나!! ㅋㅋㅋ 잘봤다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (@0430yes ㅋㅋㅋ So that’s the reason you made the call! ㅋㅋㅋ I’ve watched it well ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

11:27PM KST: 와우! ” @SANGCHUKANCHU : 마이티마우스의 새로운 싱글 “나쁜놈”이 7분후 5월10일 밤12시에 공개됩니다. 정말 준비 많이 했습니다! 널리 알려주세요! 사랑합니다!! RT해주시면 김태희 닮은 여친이나 원빈 닮은 남친 생김! 무병장수!! ㅋ” (Woah! ” @SANGCHUKANCHU : Mighty Mouse’s new single “Bad Guy” will be released 7 minutes later at 10 May 12 midnight. There was a lot of preparation done.! Please help to inform widely ! I love you! For those who re-tweet, you will have a girlfriend like Kim Tae Hee and a boyfriend like Won Bin! Health and longevity!ㅋ”) . P.S Junho is retweeting the tweet by a member of rap duo Mighty Mouse.

11:28PM KST: @SANGCHUKANCHU ㅋㅋ 알티한 이유는 여친이 생기기 위해 하하 형 나쁜놈 화이팅!! (@SANGCHUKANCHU The reason I’ve re-tweeted is so that I will have a girlfriend. Bro, Bad Guy fighting!!) P.S. Seems like Junho badly wants a girlfriend. A pity that his schedule and boss don’t allow him to do so…..

8 May 2012

2PM vs Shinhwa’s recording of  MBC 승부의 신 (God of Victory) at Jamsil Gymnastics Stadium at 5PM.

Photos taken by fans present at the recording. Love his new hairstyle! Makes him look so young..heheh…

(Pictures credit Baidu Lee Junho) 

 7 May 2012

Junho & Seulong were seen by fans paying at the counter in Apujeong yesterday. Both went to play soccer as members of the FC Men squad. 









 3 May 2012

Junho was seen leaving alone (without the rest of 2PM members) for Japan at Gimpo Airport. According to fan’s account, he was named by Japanese female comedian Watanabe Naomi to attend the  31 May TBS’s broadcast of special variety program [明石家さんまのずっとあなたが好きだった!] . The theme of that episode is “The Genuine Warmth of Good-Looking Men”.

(Pictures & news credit Season & Baidu Lee Junho)



18 comments on “May2012 – Random Updates on Junho

  • Finally, there’s updates about Junho. He is really busy now. And about the hairstyle, it looks like So Yi Jeong style? He looks handsome, :).
    I’m not hottest or Junho fans, but I just like this guy. And I support So eun with boys around her age, maybe because I’m almost bored to see her costar with guy around 30’s.
    So whether it’s Junho, Kim Beom, Chen Xiang, Il Woo, or even Nichkhun, it’s ok with me.

    • My sentiments exactly !! 🙂

      Yeah, his schedule is packed to the max, so much so that there are updates of his activities almost everyday. But I think the Hottests would probably give better & faster updates than I do, so my updates of him would likely be less and pretty much random…hehe..

    • When I first saw his pictures on tumblr, I really laugh hard! I was like.. “Wow, So Yi Jung hairstyle” Haha. I smell Kim Bum-Junho rivalry.*fan girl mode* LOL. But it really fits him. He looked different. I actually didn’t recognized him in other pictures. I got confused by him and Wooyoung. Haha. Wow yeah, he really seem so busy nowadays. No time for girlfriend eh? Aww. I hope he keeps in contact with So Eun.

      I’m also not a fan of Junho or a hottest but I liked him since M&L. And now his my favorite 2PM member! LOL. I’m not really aware of the news about him so thanks for this! Keep us updated! 🙂

      • Now that you’ve mentioned, it really doe seems like a So Yi Jung’s hairstyle hehe…and its suits him pretty well. 🙂
        Neither am I but now whenever I read about 2pm, I’ll just pay more attention to him than the rest hehehe…

  • hi, it’s really great to find this blog… really enjoying everything in here… tnx for all the exciting posts kyleciatong… loving the recebnt junho’s twitter update “undong handa” …. looks like he’s reminding someone about the kyeran (egg) game in M&L 2nd ep.. hahaha… missing junso couple so much!!!!!

  • Yupp,,, his tweets conversation with Seulong is sooo funny… They even upload their old photos to tease each other… 😀
    Yesterday seems his free day before he done his schedule in japan, cz 2PM will be held “Six beautiful days” concert at Budokan, Japan at 24,25,28-31 may 2012. Hope he keeps his health…
    As the story in fanfic Sad Love, so eun must be there to watch his concert, so the story will become a reality… hehehe…

    • Thanks Reenee for the update on his activites..yeah his schedule seemed totally crazy…hope its not affecting his health, though it’s showing on his eyes (dark circles & bags etc.)…
      Well if she doesn’t this time…I hope she’ll be able to attend their concert one of these days 🙂

  • looks like he always exercising in the middle of the night -_-
    hope he’ll always health
    and may i ask who’s ‘my well manner lady?’ he’s referred to in his 12 May tweet?

  • may i ask some really random question??
    is there no other couple for Music and Lyric after Jay-John Park?

    *could they just make all of 4 couple reunite and competitioning to make a song? so we could see more junsso couple,,
    * delusional mind of mine,,ahahah

    • According to their announcement at the M&L’s website, M&L’s season 1 has ended on 5May. But they’ll come back with Season 2 but never specify when.
      Me too, I was hoping they could do a reunion program or something..but seems unlikely

  • My delusion tells me that mbc is preparing for a come back of junsso couple in season 2. Since their schedules are packed to max now, especially Junho, i believe that mbc is waiting for the two to come back after their busy schedules. And since there is no point of inviting other couples in season 1 knowing that Junsso effect would outperform all of them, mbc has decided to end s1…..muahhhhaaaa….yay me and my delusion!

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