7May2012 – Kim So Eun’s News Article

Published May 8, 2012 by kyleciatong

There are quite a number of news articles today on Eunnié’s shooting of one of  Happy Ending’s scene. Here is  a  translation of one of them for those who are curious about their content.


[TV리포트 장영준 기자] JTBC 월화드라마 ‘해피엔딩'(김윤정 극본, 곽영범 연출)의 귀여운 스캔녀 김소은이 극중 빨래하는 모습마저 상큼한 화보를 연상케 하는 매력적인 자태로 시청자들의 눈길을 사로잡고 있다.

가부장적인 아버지가 시한부 판정을 받은 후 가족들과 유쾌하게 이별을 준비해가는 과정을 그린 드라마 ‘해피엔딩’에서 귀여운 속물녀 김은하 역을 맡은 김소은이 미사리의 한 보육원에서 빨래를 널고 있는 모습이 포착돼 7일 공개됐다.

공개된 사진 속 김소은은 마치 화보의 한 장면을 연상시키는 듯한 포즈를 취하며 싱그러운 매력을 한껏 발산했다. 또한 김소은은 빨래를 다 널고 힘에 겨운 듯 빨래 줄에 매달려 장난스럽게 혀를 살짝 내미는 등 엉뚱하면서도 귀여운 모습을 보이기도 했다.

이날 촬영장에서 김소은은 빨래를 널었다 걷었다 하며 반복되는 촬영에도 불구하고 힘든 내색 하나 없이 밝고 활기찬 모습으로 촬영 현장을 화기애애하게 만들어 현장 스태프들의 사랑을 한 몸에 받았다는 후문이다.

사진을 접한 누리꾼들은 “화보 보는 줄..김소은 정말 귀엽다” “마치 CF의 한 장면 같다” “사진 정말 대박이다. 센스만점! 김소은” “소은이 완전 깜찍해” “김소은은 빨래하는 모습까지 우월하네, 빛이 난다” “스캔녀 김소은이 갑자기 왜 빨래를?” 등의 다양한 반응을 보였다.

한편 유쾌한 웃음과 따뜻한 감동을 담은 드라마로 호평을 이끌어내고 있는 JTBC 월화드라마 ‘해피엔딩’은 매주 월, 화요일 오후 8시 45분에 방송된다


(TV Report Reporter Chang Yeong Jun)  The attractive  image of actress Kim So Eun, whose appearance of  washing laundry is reminiscent of a pictorial, was revealed.

The image of Kim So Eun, who played the adorable but snobbish girl Kim Eun Ha in JTBC’s Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Happy Ending (Screenplay Kim Yoon Jeon, Director Kwak Yeong Beom) hanging out the clothes to dry at Masari nursery school was captured.

In the released photo, while Kim So Eun took a pose that was reminiscent of a scene in a pictorial, she radiated utmost fresh appeal. Also,  the cute but unexpected appearance of her hanging herself onto one of the laundry lines &  playfully sticking out her tongue slightly like she was left with almost no energy after hanging out all the clothes to dry can also be seen.

There are after-talks that at the shooting location on that day, despite the repeated shooting of her hanging the clothes out to dry & folding the clothes, without any look of it being demanding, Kim So Eun made laughter at the filming site with her bright & lively image, thus receiving love from the staff there.

Netizens who saw the photo “Thought I am looking at a pictorial..Kim So Eun is really adorable!”; ” Just like a scene in a CF”; “The photo is jackpot (i.e. fantastic).”; “Sense, full marks! Kim So Eun”; “Kim So Eun is so petite!”‘; “Even the image of Kim So Eun washing laundry is excellent! Shining!”; “Why is scanner girl Kim So Eun doing laundry?”, showed various reactions.

On one hand,  JTBC’s Happy Ending which  is receving favourable comment as a drama filled with fun laughter, warm and touching scenes, is broadcast on every week Monday & Tuesday 845pm.

[News credit TV Report; Photo credit Fantagio]


11 comments on “7May2012 – Kim So Eun’s News Article

  • thank you for translating love this blog 🙂

    love and miss junsso couple

    this is the first site i visit whenever i open my lappy..hope you continue to update us…

    thank you very much!! its is much appreciated!


  • I really appreciate your translation about her news. And it makes me keep looking at your blog, kyleciatong. Thanks.
    About the drama “happy ending”, her fans quite disappoints with her “less air time” in that drama. I had watch the first episode, with no sub, don’t understand much. But like all her movie, even though the story is really “weird and doesn’t make sense” like ATK, I still continue watching her movie, because I like to watch her acting.

  • u know i just tried to translate this article with google translation but i didn’t understand so much, than i found the whole article translated here!
    you are really the best! i’m really thankful because you keep updating her news & translating it! u know soeunie is truly so underrated!
    imagine! those scenes didn’t showed up in today & yesterday episode! & judging from the previews it’s probably edited imagine!
    it is really unfair! & now soeunie tweeted that she can’t sleep! “잠이안온다…”

    • Yeah, I know google does give weird translations if you tried to translate the whole article, but I still have to give it some credit in helping me translate articles thus far 🙂
      I’ll try to do translation of her news if I can afford the time because I do know that she is rather underrated and news about her dón’t usually get translated so it’s a bit difficult for people out of Korea who wishes to know more about her.
      Yeah, after the drama Good Day for the Wind to Blow, she’s been taking non-lead roles in dramas (not counting Secret Angel as that’s a China production), which is truly quite disappointing…wonder if she’ll ever be casted in any lead role going forward??
      Yup, saw here tweet, wonder if she couldn’t because of good things or bad things that have happened….

  • Thank you so much for translating! I’ve seen these news the other day and totally no idea what was saying about the article coz as usual, google translation is fail! Thanks alot!

  • Hi there!!
    I really love your site..It’s awesome..and all the updates & translations are fast too..^_^
    btw..I just randomly search on the internet & found this.
    Is that really her account? And what is the RP-roleplayer thing they are talking about?
    Thanks!! Keep updating, ya!!

  • I hope that she works in a drama about young people, like City Conquest of Kim Hyun Joong or Celebrity (which T.O.P is considered)

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