JunSo Couple FanFic: Sad Love – Act 9 & 10

Published May 11, 2012 by kyleciatong

Act 9

Our destiny is like a novel that would never end. The characters you meet in the novel would always be different, yet there would definitely be this someone in the story that would has the greatest influence on you.

Yóu would never be able to guess what was going to happen in the next page, or who and where  you would meet in the next chapter, but there would somehow be this one thing that you would miss dearly in your heart.

You wouldn’t even know the things you had missed with whatever decisions that you had made, but there would bound to be this one time that would make you regret your decision.

What happened that day played out clearly in So Eun’s mind.

Park Jin Young was watching them as they entered the house hand-in-hand, with a forced smile plastered on his face.

Junho’s smile froze and he gulped down on the words “We are back!” just as they were  coming out of his mouth, upon seeing him standing right in front of them. So Eun’s widened in fear and she had never felt this nervous or terrified before.

Wooyoung walked out of his room, heaving a sigh of relief, thinking that everything was fine after sending his message to them. He stopped in his tracks and his mouth fell open in shocked disbelief when he saw the two of them holding hands before him. When he noticed that both So Eun and he were holding their mobile phones in their hands, he quickly hid his hand behind.

Some of the members were sleeping while some had yet to complete their work.

“I clearly remember the program that both of you were doing has already ended” Park  Jin Young commented somewhat sarcastically, breaking the cold silence in the room.

So Eun broke out in cold sweat and she could feel her heart beating furiously, almost as if it was going to burst. She wrestled to free her hands from Junho’s but failed as he continue to grasp her hands firmly in his, seemingly telling her that everything would be alright.

“So Eun-ssi,  you don’t have to worry. I am not going to be so cruel that I’ll ask the two of you to break up but Junho, we need to talk.”   He continued in a serious tone.

As it was pretty much within his expectations that they would need to talk about this, Junho wasn’t too nervous or anxious. Instead he was rather relieved. He knew that this day would come eventually and since he got to face it now, he no longer need to worry or feel uneasy anymore, though he never did reveal to So Eun the details of his “talk” with Park Jin Young after that.

So Eun lowered her head and caught Junho’s hand again to draw him back as he was about to follow Park Jin Young to the study room. He felt endless warmth from the touch of her slightly pale and cold fingers , knowing that she was worried about him. He smiled gently as he turned to look at her. Then he gave her hand a tight squeeze and nodded his head, signalling to her not to worry. His smile seemed to work magic and chased some of her uneasiness away. She lifted the corners of her mouth and flashed him a beautiful smile, nodded her head in return to let him know that she would be fine.

When he finally disappeared from her sight, she took off her shoes and sank down on the sofa, still feeling slightly shaken by what had just happened.

Wooyoung, who have been neglected all this while, deliberately gave a few coughs and squeezed himself beside So Eun.

“See, there are goose bumps all over me. Can’t you guys stop acting lovey-dovey when ogling at each other??” Wooyoung teased.

“You’ve gotten goosebumps simply because you were frightened by Chairman Park, right? Do you have any idea how you look earlier? Like someone who has been starved for 3 days and 3 nights and was treated to a sumptuous meal , only to discover that the meal was nothing but a dream.”  So Eun chuckled loudly.

“Ya!!! Since when did you learn to be so malicious like Junsu Hyung??” And so the usual bickering began while a serious discussion was taking place in the study room.

Act 10

Happy times always passed by so quickly while agony & pain seemed to drag on for eternity, just like a boundless ocean.

The 3 weeks spent together with the 6 of them in Hokkaido were always filled with fun and laughter.

“They are a bunch of easy-going and & friendly kids. They have no airs and each of them work seriously hard. Like real siblings, they live and work together. Although there may be conflicts at times, but their feelings for one another are stronger than I have ever imagined. I have once asked them, “What would happen if one day they should fall for the same girl ?’ Their answers were astonishingly the same, “I will choose to let her go.””  So Eun wrote on her orange notebook.  She was very touched by their brotherhood, even though she and her sister So Mi didn’t share such similar bond as them. It was very much later that that she learnt that their friendship was deeper beyond her wildest imagination.

The concert was to be held in Tokyo. The six of them had arrived in Tokyo three days earlier than So Eun.

Thus when So Eun’s flight was delayed, Junho was so anxious that he nearly smashed his handphone.

“Really? Junho, you really missed me so much huh?? Haha, I am truly honored!” So Eun’s eyes twinkled with amusement as she gazed up at Junho with a dazzling smile, whose ears had already turned bright red.

Chansung was smiling smugly beside Junho, when Junho slanted him a murderous stare and he immediately fled from the scene.

“I was worried about you, you know.” There were just the two of them left in the dressing room.

So Eun, when she saw him looking so grave and serious, burst out laughing.

“Ya! What are you laughing about?! I am serious!”

“Ok! Go get ready. Your rehearsal is starting soon. I’ll be watching all of you at the front seats .”

She turned to leave, but Junho pulled her into his arms.

“Hey, what are you doing?” So Eun struggled for while, as she felt a fierce blush heating her cheeks, but Junho had locked her in his embrace.

“After the rehearsal, Í’ll bring you to a place, okay?” He asked softly, and nestled her head under his chin.  She closed her eyes as she listened intently to the beautiful rhythm of his heartbeat and whispered an affirmative reply.

[Credit Forget_k_ of Baidu Kim So Eun)


13 comments on “JunSo Couple FanFic: Sad Love – Act 9 & 10

  • YEY!
    Acts 9 and 10. ! A double dose of my favorite medicine!Thank you!=)
    (By the way, I totally agree with what SYIZI93 said. .I can clearly picture what was happening!><)

  • really really well writing! it seems so real, especially the interactions between soeunie & junho ah so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!.
    great job kyleciatong! geat job Forget_k_!

  • woah, it’s a relieve JYP do nothing to them…..
    but, Junho could you tell me what your “talk” about??i’m curious
    PS: you don’t need to worry, i will keep it secret from So Eun

    and thanks from updating 2 act^^

  • great fanfic..love the last part: “nestled her head under his chin. She closed her eyes as she listened intently to the beautiful rhythm of his heartbeat and whispered an affirmative reply”……yayyyy, so so so sweet moment… waiting for the succeeding ACTS…

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