Kim So Eun’s Tweet 17May2012

Published May 17, 2012 by kyleciatong

Hmmm, can’t believe she tweeted again so soon..hehe….


(11:07 AM KST)

세트촬영중~~ 다들 맛있는 맛점 하시나요?

Filiming at the set ~~ Eveyone has a delicious lunch?










(11:07 AM KST)

대두 쿤

Large-sized Koon









(Credit Kim So Eun Twitter)


8 comments on “Kim So Eun’s Tweet 17May2012

    • No worries, you are not being demanding 🙂 I loved it when I am being notified of news about them I might have missed.
      The part on them:
      “이정은 MBC 뮤직 리얼리티 ‘그 여자 작사, 그 남자 작곡’에서 2PM 준호와 배우 김소은이 직접 작곡, 작사한 노래 ‘사랑이 서럽다’를 불러 화제가 되기도 했다.” [It become topic when Yi Jeong sang “Sad Love”, a song that 2PM Junho & actress Kim So Eun personally composed and wrote (the lyrics) on MBC Music’s reality “Music & Lyrics”.]

  • Yi Jeong? You mean Lee Jung, right? I was like whatttt? Kim bum is goona sing Sad Love? Cant help but ship both Bumsso and Junsso. Thanks for creating such a wonderful blog…this help nurture my love for Junsso

  • Yups, in korean it’s the same word as Yi Jeong…. That’s what make me smile, when I heard Jun Ho said “Yi Jeong sunbae”….

    Love kuni in that picture, the cat is really cute & beautiful…

    • ahh now that you’ve mention it, I did hear Junho said ‘Yi Jeong sunbaenim’ but maybe because I’m too focus on reading the subtitle (Lee Jung) that makes me brush off what I heard and miss the similarity of that name. both of them have their own Yi Jeong sunbae hahaha

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