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Published May 20, 2012 by kyleciatong

WHAT????!!! Another fanfic??? What happened to Sad Love??!!

‘Hooray’ for some readers and ‘Err’ for the others…. But yes & no, you can treat it as a new fanfic (though its more like a one episode ficitonal interview) or I would rather consider it a finale or  a special edition of Sad Love.

Nothing is happening to Sad Love, at least for now. But if you are running out of patience waiting for Sad Love, as there are likely to be at least 20 acts before it’ll end, how about doing a little bit of time travel and take a look into the life of JunSo Couple 6 years from now???

If you do like this fanfic, please give a round of applause to one of dear readers Knit, who have been such an angel to spend time writing & contributing the fanfic to this blog.

Personal message to Knit:

Thanks so much for your hardwork. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you! I am sorry if you find that there a number of modifications to your original work as I’ve tried to make it seem like a continuation from Sad Love. But your hard work & effort has indeed given me great inspiration. I hope you’ll enjoy the modified version as well.

Personal message to readers:

Don’t say that you haven’t been warned but there are spoilers found in this fanfic. Nevertheless I still hope you’ll enjoy this piece of work by Knit & myself.



2PM’s Junho Opens Up on His 6 year Relationship with Actress Kim So Eun

Guest: 2pm Junho (28 years old)

Anyeonghaseyo, Reporter Kim Eun Ha here. As always, I’ll be bringing you a live report from the variety program KBX Star Life.  In next few episodes, we will be sharing with you our memorable time spent with beastly idol group2PMand you will have a rare chance of entering the lives of 6 young men who have captured the hearts of girls & women all over the world. In today’s episode, we will unfold the life of an extremely talented singer cum composer from the group – Lee Junho.  Stay tune for more fun, laughter and not forgetting, secrets as our date with the Star begins!


It was early morning in Seoul but Junho was already up and awake, getting ready for the day. He drove us in his silver Hyundai Genesis to the JYP office building. Even in the morning, he seemed to be in high spirits and bursting with energy.

“It’s been a year since I moved to my own apartment after 10 years of living together with the 2pm members” he told us while driving carefully along the crowded roads of Seoul. “All of us have our own apartment now” he added with a smile.

“So how do you feel about not staying together with the members now?” I was rather curious as I wondered what it was like for him living apart from the members. After all they had stayed together for at least a decade.

“Truthfully I felt a bit lonely initially. There was no one to fool around with, but we still meet for work or hang out often, so I’ve gotten used to it as time goes by.” Outside, the rain started to pour lightly.  It seemed that autumn was all ready to chase away the warm summer heat. Not long after, we reached our guest’s first destination.


“I have to discuss the songs that I have composed with Jin Young Hyung today. If my songs are good enough, they might be used in JYP new boy band’s debut. I will also be meeting the rest of the members and the production team later to discuss our next Asia tour.  Aaahhh I’m so nervous.” he revealed to us as we walked up the stairs.

It was only 7.30 in the morning but JYP’s office was already buzzing with activities as staff greeted us on our way to the meeting room. I could sense his immense popularity among the staff here as he smiled, bantered and laughed with almost everyone and anyone who came up to greet us.

JYP, along with five eager-looking young men and three staff members were already waiting for him in the production room to commence the meeting. After some light discussion, they listened to the songs he had composed. There were 4 songs in all, from the upbeat dance song to ballads. Judging by the looks on their faces, it seemed that they were rather pleased with his songs. The discussion among them moved on to the songs that would be used for the new boy band’s debut. They decided that Junho would be the producer but as to which songs would be included in their first mini album, I am afraid I can’t disclose that to you. It won’t be surprise then, wouldn’t it? Before leaving the room, we had a quick chat with JYP about our guest Junho.

“Should we look forward to the songs composed by Junho?”

“Definitely, it’s gonna be awesome as our Producer here is getting better everyday. I guarantee he’ll surpass me in time to come if he continues to work hard. Hmm…I wonder when he would start his own production company??” Park Jin Young quirked a brow at Junho as he praised him, while our guest smiled bashfully in return.

“At the initial phase of his career, I was pretty worried about him, but now I’m glad that he’s doing well now. He
helps me a lot as much as he makes me worry” he laughed.

“Ah Hyung, mianhe” he bowed slightly to the JYP and that earned him a fatherly pat from him.

“How do you see him as a Producer?”

“I think he has the ability and potential to be good producer. He learns fast and always strives to do his best in his work. I’ve always love the music by him. It never fails to surprise me whenever I’ve realized how much he has grown up” a triumphant smile spread across his face.

“Aah, Hyung how can you say that in front of me?” Junho’s ears reddened. “This is one of the very rare times that Hyung has given me a compliment about my songs. Thanks to Star Life” he said with an embarrassed laugh.

As time was tickling by fast, we had to end the cozy conversation with JYP with much regrets and proceed to our next destination in the same building,

“Would you like share with us what kind of music have you made for the new rookie group?”

“I made some upbeat dance songs as well slow ballads. But I can tell you that they are really talented and they’ll be able to carry the songs well with their amazing vocals, so please look forward to their debut.” He attempted to promote the new group as we head to the meeting room.

The meeting room wasn’t fully occupied yet. Junsu, Nichkun, Chansung and a couple of members from the production team were already in the room. I realized that we were 10 minutes early. While waiting for the meeting to begin, Junho introduced us to those who were present. The meeting began at 10am. However unlike the first meeting we didn’t have privilege to be there as the details of the Asia tour concert was supposed to be kept a secret. Thus we waited outside for the meeting to end.

The meeting ended around lunch time. We joined our guest and his 2PM brothers for lunch at Japanese restaurant near the building. We could see their close bonds as they joked and made fun of one another as they filled us in on some of the pranks they played and strange or funny encounters they experienced. It was time to head to W office for a photo shoot after lunch.


The photo shoot ended at5pm. As he was driving out of W office, he picked up his hand phone and made a call. The person on the other line turned out to be his girlfriend actress Kim So Eun. Though it was a quick call, we could hear their concern and affection for each other.

“So Eun asked me to get dessert because she doesn’t know what both of you like to eat. She’s afraid that you might not  like the dinner that we’ll be making, so she asked me to buy some desserts just in case” he laughed. “Noona and Hyung (camera man), what would you like for dessert?” I was touched by the couple’s consideration for us, especially since it was the first time that we were meeting them today. We stopped by a cake shop to buy some tiramisu as well as a fruit pudding for So Eun. Junho belatedly informed us that she liked the fruit pudding from that shop very much. What a considerate boyfriend, I couldn’t help envying.

“This is our weekly ritual” he told us on the way to So Eun’s apartment.  “Every once a week, we’ll meet for ride around town or just for a meal together. We have an agreement that no matter how busy we are, we still have to meet each other at least once a week. She has a day off from movie filming today, after that she will be busy again.”

“Is it really difficult for both of you to meet each other?”

“Of course, I think difficult is an understatement! Our schedules are fully packed like crazy. We talk on the phone almost every day but I still miss her always” he smiled sheepishly. “There was a period earlier on in our relationship when our schedules were so hectic that we couldn’t meet and barely talk to each other. We nearly broke up then as well.” He shuddered as he recalled the painful moments.

“As well?” Did he just say that? I looked at my partner with a questioning look and he nodded, confirming my doubts. But common sense stopped me from dwelling further on the topic that I feared that might spoil the atmosphere of the interview.

“Thank goodness we had a good talk after realizing we couldn’t lose each other. That was when we made a promise to meet each other once a week. We hardly miss our weekly meetings, except when I need to be overseas of course. We sneak out from our work and become ordinary couple at least once a week” he laughed heartily.

The drive to So Eun’s apartment was filled with comfortable silence. Once in a while, Junho would sing along to the song playing on the radio, “Ah, this is the song So Eun that loves” Junho blurted out suddenly. The radio was playing Yozoh’s song. “She likes Indie song” he explained to us.

“But I’m sure she likes your songs more” I teased him.

“Aniyo, she’s not a fan of mine” he said with an embarrass laugh. “Whenever I show her our album, she will just “Hmmm, it’s good” with a blank expression. Hahaha, she’s not really into idol music. She much prefers oldies, ballads and Indie songs. But I got to thank her sister for familiarizing her with all of our songs. So Mi-ya gomawo” he waved to the camera as he thanked So Eun’s sister through our show.

“You are an idol who have to sing pop or dance song, and it is quite different with what So Eun likes,
right? So do two have a song that you like to listen to together?”

“Ah, of course we like to enjoy music together and we do share our opinions on music. So Eun will listen
to the song I choose and vice versa. Actually our preferences aren’t really that different. I like oldies and ballads too, but my job requires me to listen to more dance pop song”

“Does So Eun help you when you are composing?”

“Certainly, I’ve gotten many inspirations from her. I wrote “If you were here” before we started dating, ‘Drift Apart’ when we nearly broke up and ‘Way back into you’ when we reconciled. Of course, I am sure you are aware of the few other songs that we had collaborated.” he listed his songs with a proud grin on his face.

“Yes, but those 3 songs were big hits back then right?”

“Yeah, it was all thanks to her. Even now whenever I run out of ideas and couldn’t come up with any melody, I will run to her to get some inspiration.” His face brightened up as he continued to chat about So Eun.


As Junho turned his car into the car park of So Eun’s apartment, I kept turning my head around, finding the area strangely familiar. Junho saw my reaction as he looked into the rear-view mirror and confirmed my suspicions, “Yeah, my apartment is just down the next road. It’s definitely more convenient to stay nearer to her.” He justified with a grin on his face.

Soon we found ourselves standing outside So Eun’s apartment. Before ringing the bell, he looked into the camera and said mischeviously, “You’d better prepare yourself. After passing through this door,2PM’s Junho will disappear and you’ll witness an ordinary Junho.” He reached out & pressed the bell. We could hear footsteps running to the door, and the door opened. So Eun came forward to greet us with a bright and cheerful smile. So Eun & Junho flashed each other a rather awkward but nevertheless sweet smile. Guess they must be slightly uncomfortable making a public appearance together. Junho passed So Eun a gift from Japan, whose face lighted up instantly, “I really like Japanese snacks and Junho always buys some for me each time he goes to Japan” she explained to us after saying “Gomawo” to Junho and squeezed his hand lightly. Junho blushed at the unexpected display of affection by So Eun, but managed to smile shyly in return.

“Mianhe but may I borrow him for a while to help me? I need someone to wash and cut the vegetables” So Eun playfully asked.

“Hehe, there’s no need to ask for permission. I’ll help you anyway.” Junho gave a soft chuckle and excused himself. He then rolled up his sleeves and walked into the kitchen.

“Is pasta ok for you, Noona?” So Eun asked me while checking the boiled pasta.

“Well of course, it’s okay” I replied her. I nearly lost myself in the happy scene playing before me as the beautiful couple teased, chatted and fed each other as they tried out the food that they were preparing. I wondered if there was any fan out there who would object their relationship because no one would disagree they’d truly make a perfect couple, looking at their sweet interaction with each other.


“This is our 6th year together as a couple” Junho informed us later after dinner.

Though I knew that they had been together for a while, but still I was taken aback when I heard the words directly from Junho “Waah! Time flies, doesn’t it?” I commented with astonishment as I tried to count in my head the number of celebrity couples whom I knew that had been together for a long time in the entertainment industry. There weren’t many, I’ve realized.

We were seated comfortably in So Eun’s living room. Kunie, So Eun’s cat was cuddling lazily in Junho’s lap.

“It sure does. Honestly, we wanted to keep a low profile as we had to take our status and fans into consideration. But guess we weren’t quite successful initially” He explained with a shrug.

“Yeah, you two did create quite a sensation back them with the ‘ferris-wheel’ kiss’ picture!” I teased them while they blushed slightly as they recalled the picture that grabbed the headlines some 6 years ago.

“When the news that both of you were dating was first published, what were your reactions then?”

“I think our management really handled it very well. Furthermore, we already knew beforehand that this would happen someday, so we were kind of prepared. But still we were shocked when it actually happened.”

“Weren’t your agency against your relationship back then?” I probed further.

They look at each other somewhat uneasily before Junho replied after a few seconds of silence, “Uhmm… surprisingly no because I believe they did realize then that there were many fans out there who supported us.”

“Hmm…. Quite true, I don’t see any reason why your fans would not support the two of you. And So Eun-ssi, may I ask how long have this weekly ritual been going?” I asked So Eun, ignoring the strange feeling that they seemed to be hiding something.

“Well…maybe coming to 4 years?” she glanced at Junho, searching for some confirmation.

“I think it’s slightly more than 4 years now” he said looking into So Eun’s eyes and gave her a gentle smile. Arrggh….they couldn’t seem to tear their eyes away from each other.

“Ahem…Ahem! Wow, that long??  This weekly ritual, isn’t your definition of date, right? Is it always like this, I mean cooking together?” I coughed purposefully as I threw my next question at them.

“Sadly yes, this is our definition of a ‘date’.” So Eun answered as she teared her gaze away from Junho. “It’s not always like this but usually so since it is quite inconvenient for us to date publicly. We had tried once inSeouland we couldn’t really enjoy our date as people were either staring or crowding around us.”

“Don’t you two feel bored at all? I mean always meet at the same place? Don’t you want to go to other places for date? ”

“Ani. Actually this is my ideal type of date – at home and far from people’s eyes and I don’t get bored easily.” Junho answered as matter-of-factly.

“What about you So Eun?”

“I think ‘date’ is about meeting, sharing and spending more time with each other, so this is a perfect date for me. I couldn’t ask for more.” She elaborated.

“Junho will be busy soon with the Asia tour for about 6 months, right? How will you two handle this?” I directed the question at her.

“I am already used to it” So Eun replied with a faint smile “We can still contact each other.”

“Even when I am doing the Asian tour for 6 months, that doesn’t mean I will be away for that long. Sure, I will be busier but we can still meet each other at least once a month.” Junho added as he gave So Eun a reassuring glance.

“So Eun is older, right? Does that make any difference?” I asked cautiously, unsure whether it would be a sensitive topic to them.

“He’s like an Oppa to me” So Eun laughed out.

“You mean I look older than you? An Oppa that you never call Oppa” Junho complained as he sulked and pouted his lips.

“Ani, ani! I mean you’re mature. Mature as he is always the one protecting me, so it feels like he’s an Oppa when I’m with him” So Eun hastily explained.

“So call me Oppa then.” Junho threw her a challenging look, as he leaned back on his seat.

“Ya! Stop it!” So Eun gave him a light slap on his arm, looking slightly flustered as she turned her attention back to us.

“I think we match well, so age does not matter.” Junho said as he reached out to hold So Eun’s hands in his.


We decided to give them some private time and enjoy the tiramisu and tea that they’ve prepared for us. They carried on with their usual weekly date – playing with So Eun’s cat and chatting at the balcony. It was definitely difficult not to be jealous when looking at the two of them – how Junho always stared at So Eun with adoration in his eyes, how So Eun’s smile always made him smile in return and in turn how Junho made So Eun giggled and blushed with his words. One must be blind not to see that they truly enjoyed and treasured the precious time spent with each other.

Two and half hours later, it was time for us to make a move. It was plainly obvious that Junho couldn’t bear to leave. So Eun walked us to the lift and nearly have to kick him into the lift. We tried hard to hold back our laughter as we smiled & waved goodbye to So Eun.


Junho drove us to our next destination where the rest of the members and him would be rehearsing for the Thailand Kpop Festival. However, the drive was unexpectedly quiet, totally different from the earlier drive to So Eun’s apartment.

“Ah, this is becoming too quiet” Junho finally uttered, breaking the cold silence in the car.

“You seemed to be lost in thoughts” I justified.

“Really? Sorry, my emotions usually wreak havoc with me after our date – I am happy spending time with her and depress at the same time because I’ll probably have to wait for another week to see her again” he belatedly explained his odd behaviour.

Junho seemed to cast his sorrows aside when he met the rest of the members and they practiced hard for the performance.

The boys finally finished their practice in the middle of the night. We took the opportunity to interview them while they were taking a rest before calling it a day.

“Would you like say something to the audience?”

“Ah yes, you’ve been following Junho and us the whole day long. I hope you all will be happy watching this program because we had a great time today as well.” Taekcyon said.

Shortly, we held a little ‘Question & Answer’ session with the members.

“Question: Which member are you most jealous of?”

They wrote their answers on a placard that they were holding in their hands before revealing them to us.

Surprisingly Junsu, Nickhun and Taecyon had written Junho while Chansung chose Junsu, and Wooyoung and Junho choose Nickhun.

“Care to explain your answer?” I queried.

“When we have some free time like today, I always end up alone or hang out with the members or some old friends, but actually I always want to go to date when I’m free. Today Junho met up with So Eun-ssi, right? I am most jealous of that. He’s not the most handsome among us yet he’s the only one with a girlfriend. I ended up hanging with Seulong today” Taekyon said in a deflated tone. “I want to date in my free time like Junho too” he further added.

“Hyung, I never knew you feel that way, so would you go on date with me then?” Junho playfully asked, with a gleam in his eyes.

“Like Taecyon, I feel jealous of Junho too. I envy him because he could express his feelings and protect the girl he loves freely. But I am glad that he has someone who truly loves him as well. I hope someday I’ll be able to find someone like that too” Nickhun said with a grin as Junho put his hands around Nickhun and squeezed his shoulder.

“I envy Junho because I’m the oldest here but he’s the only one who has dated for more than 5 years. Why can’t you let your Hyung date first?” Junsu intercepted as he cast him a sideway glance. “But I’ll always support them. So Eun-ssi is a good girl for Junho.” He nodded and patted Junho on his back.

“Wooyoung-ssi & Chansung-ssi, don’t you feel the same as them?” I turned my attention to them.

“Ani, I don’t envy him. I’ve seen how he locks himself up each time they quarrel and how he’s always restless whenever he knows that she needs to film some intimate scenes with an actor…”

“Ya!” Junho immediately covered Wooyoung’s mouth with his hands & quickly defended himself “He’s sprouting nonsense! Don’t listen to him.’’ Wooyoung desperately tried to push Junho’s hands away from his mouth while the rest of us burst out laughing.

Last but not least, I looked at Junho and queried “Junho-ssi why are you jealous Nickhun?”

“It’s because So Eun’s ideal type is Nickhun Hyung!” Wooyoung intervened almost immediately, earning high five from the other members.

“Ya! Jang Wooyoung!” Junho shot Wooyoung a deadly glare and our interview with 2PM ended in the midst of boisterous laughter and noise.


Junho drove us back to his apartment. It was already pastmidnightbut it seemed it wasn’t the end for him yet. He took a bath and prepared some supper and brought to the music room in his apartment.

“I have to finish an OST for drama and bring it to the music director tomorrow.” He explained as he turned on his laptop. “I am already done with the melody and lyrics yesterday so I am just doing some final touches tonight.” he added. “So Eun has done up a summary for me and showed me some significant scenes from the drama, so this helps a lot in giving me some inspiration to compose a suitable song for the drama.” He showed us a few pieces of paper filled with information that So Eun had prepared for him and began to focus on his work.

It was way past 2am when he finally completed his work and bid us farewell. At last, it was time for our Star to take a rest.

It has indeed been an extremely busy but nonetheless interesting day for us. Today we’ve caught a glimpse of the other side of Junho’s life and I am sure many of you have enjoyed the time spent with him and 2PM members as well.

Please continue to look forward to our next episode, as we’ll bring you more excitement and fun as we take a peek into the lives of our beloved idols. To witness the interesting and memorable moments of today’s episode, don’t forget to tune in to KBX Star Life this Wednesday night at 10.05 PM KST.Last but not least, please continue to give us your love and support! See you next week.

Star Life Reporter, Kim Eun Ha

(Pictures credit allkpop)


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  • Woahhhh…
    your version is soooooo much better (i’m embarrassed to my self)
    thanks to make it better and post it^^

    i’m waiting for the next act of sad love >.<
    *did the agency give them hard time??

    • Hehehee, I’m glad to hear I’ve made it better and not worse..but thanks again for writing and allowing it to put post here.
      Hahaha…as much as I’d like to keep the suspense but as you can see from JYP’s reaction in Act 13, I don’t think he gave them a hard time 🙂

  • I love this one! I love this one! >///<
    Especially at the part when 2pm members were teasing him.
    Hahaha. I laugh a lot at that part.
    Thank you very much! ^^v

  • wow….daebak! knit and kyleciatong, both of you are awesome. you know, i never stop smiling while i read this ‘reality show’ haha….hwaiting! 🙂

  • wow u guys are great!!! it was nicely done seems it real 🙂

    more fanfic please!!! hahahhaa

    i love how affectionate junho is to so eun and how 2pm envied junho!!


    i miss junsso!!

  • Your fanfic so awesome! I hope this will be real! Ahh, I don’t stop smile when I reading this fic. Love love love! ♥ And there’s so many of people who love Junsso couple! I believe it! They’re can’t to not disagree about this couple! Hehe ah, what the name for fans Junsso couple? We must to make it! and what r u has to fanbase in twitter? Hehehe wht are u understand wht I mean? My english not good enough :p

    • *i want to correct my comment*
      Your fanfic so awesome! I hope this will be real! Ahh, I can’t stop smile when I reading this fic. Love love love! ♥ And there’s so many people who love Junsso couple! I believe it! They’re can’t to disagree about this couple! Hehe ah, what the name for fans Junsso couple? We must to make it! and what r u has to fanbase in twitter? Hehehe wht are u understand wht I mean? My english not good enough :p

      • Thanks for the compliment.
        I am sure many of us share here the same sentiments as you, hoping that it’ll be as real as the fan-fic.
        I don’t think there’s a name for fans of Junsso Couple yet. Hmm I am even not sure if there’s ever a name for fans who ship couples…
        Sorry I dont quite get your last question on the twitter part….

  • AWESOME-NESS to the Nth LEVEL! ! !
    Kudos to KNIT and KYLECIATONG. !
    Why can’t I have a brain like yours guys?><
    (Btw, a sneaky way of letting us know Nichkhun's relationship status ey??*wink*)

    Woaaah. LIKE!! TWO THUMBS UP!
    How i wish this will happen in real life!
    Junsso will be definitely the most ideal and perfect couple on earth!

  • I really felt sad when you mentioned that 2pm didn’t live together anymore.. Of course I know they can’t always be together.. but man!! that would be so sad!

    Awesome fic by the way! =3

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