Music & Lyric in (EASY Music World) May 2012

Published May 21, 2012 by kyleciatong

Back in early May  <<Easy Music World>>  a Chinese entertainment magazine (see picture below) introduced Music & Lyrics and did a write-up about the couples appearing in the program. Though it’s something that we probably knew already, since there’s a request from one of the dear readers here for a translation, I’ll post it here:

Article was found in this edtion of the magazine

Lee Junho (Couple: Kim So Eun)

After officially beginning their life (as a couple on the show), during the course of their interaction, there was an incident that must be mentioned. There was once when Junho & So Eun had to go to a special camping site to complete their song. As the car before the one that Junho was driving jam braked suddenly, he had to step on his brakes instantly and his first reaction was to stretch out his arms in front of So Eun, thus So Eun was not subjected to any imminent danger. Considering others’ safety even in emergency situations had greatly enhanced Junho’s image in the hearts of the audience.

Kim So Eun (Couple: Lee Junho)

Even though she had frankly said that her ideal type in 2PM was Nickhun, but she had great chemistry with Junho and they got along extremely well. Be it holding hands on the streets and looking into each other’s eyes or the cute and interesting exchange on the train,  comments such as “They must be a couple right?”, “Just be together!” were repeatedly made by netizens. Beside exhibiting a sweet love line, Junho’s meticulous care and tolerance towards her gradually lowered her guard. In the following life (as a couple), there would bound to be similar romantic plots like those of Khuntoria Couple staged.

(Credit Easy Music World and Kim So Eun Baidu)


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