28May2012: Kim So Eun’s News Article

Published May 28, 2012 by kyleciatong

I really didn’t expect there to be a news article on So Eun’s photo that she uploaded in her twitter so quickly.


소유진-김소은, 친자매 같은 다정한 한컷 ‘미모 셀카’

[OSEN=김경민 기자] 배우 소유진과 김소은이 자매 같은 다정한 모습을 공개했다.

소유진은 지난 27일 오후 자신의 미투데이에 “드라마 안에선 말 엄청 안 듣지만 실제로는 진짜 진짜 사랑스런 내 동생 은하! 소은 양이 종욱이를 찾으러 와주었어요. 미소가 어~쩜 저리 맑음?!” 이라는 글과 함께 사진을 게재했다.

공개된 사진 속 김소은은 흰 티셔츠를 입고 ‘브이(V)’ 포즈를 취하고 있고, 소유진은 김소은의 어깨에 손을 올리고 다정하게 붙어 있다. 특히 두 사람은 밝은 미소로 미모를 발산해 눈길을 끌었다.

김소은 또한 28일 오전 자신의 트위터에 “‘김종욱 찾기’ 뮤지컬! 우리 금하 언니 너무 예쁘고 노래도 잘한다. 완전 몰입하고 보느라 마지막에 언니 울 때 나도 같이 울 뻔했음. 또 보고파요~” 라는 글과 함께 같은 사진을 올려 훈훈한 우정을 드러냈다.

사진을 본 네티즌은 “드라마에서 뿐 아니라 실제로도 친하구나”, “정말 친자매 같이 다정해 보인다”, “미소가 미모를 돋보이게 한다” 등의 반응을 보였다.

한편 소유진과 김소은은 JTBC 월화드라마 ‘해피엔딩‘에서 각각 김금하 역과 김은하 역으로 출연 중이다.

<사진>소유진 미투데이.



So Yoo Jin-Kim So Eun, An Intimate “Beautiful Face Selca” Like Real Sisters

An intimate/close photo of actress So Yoo Jin & Kim So Eun looking like sisters was revealed.

On the afternoon of 27th, So Yoo Jin published the photo on her own Me2Day along with words,”My younger sister, Eun Ha who doesn’t listen (i.e. not obedient) in the drama but in reality is very very adorable. So Eun-yang came looking for Jong Wook. Why are our smiles so clear?!”

In the disclosed photo, Kim So Eun wore a white T-shirt and was posing with a “V”, while Yoo Jin raised her hands and put on So Eun’s shoulder and stood closely by her side. In particular, both attracted attention with their bright smiles & pretty features that they radiated.

Kim So Eun also, on the 28th morning demonstrated their warm friendship with the same photo and words ,”“Finding Kim Jong Wook” Musical! Our Geum Ha sister is very pretty and  sings well too. Because I was completely absorbed as I watched, when you cried at the end, I almost cried together with you too …ㅠㅠI want to watch again” on her own Twitter.

Such responses as “They are close not only in drama but in reality too.”, “They are really close like real sisters.”, “Smiles enhanced their beauty.” etc can be seen from netizens who saw their photos.

On one hand, Soo Yoo Jin and Kim So Eun are each playing the role of Geum Ha and Eun Ha respectively in JTBC’s Monday/Tuesday’s drama “Happy Ending.”

(Pictures credit So Yoo Jin Me2Day and article credit Osen)


7 comments on “28May2012: Kim So Eun’s News Article

  • there’s a new article about her every week these day,,
    so happy >.<
    is there a news about her 'secret angel' drama in china after it's last episode??
    does it receive positive review there??

  • I’m happy too.. ^o^
    Well I only saw a news article that informed what would be shown on the last episode of Secret Angle that’s all.
    Hmm, I guess the review should be ok as millions and millions of people tune in to the show. Sorry I can’t comment much as I’ve only watched 1 episode thus far…

  • I don’t follow Secret Angel as much as I should, but I do follow how much views it has accumulated. As of today, I saw that it has accumulated 83 million views! That’s so fantastic! By the way, kyleciatong, I’m sorry if I overstepped but I kind of use your translations and other stuff to post in soompi. I do give credit though, I promise! I will stop if you don’t want me to do that anymore

      • you are welcome and thanks for giving me permission. Don’t worry I will make sure on always giving credit, especially for trans. Pics are a bit iffy except when they are like sketches and stuff

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