29May2012 Kim So Eun’s News Article

Published May 29, 2012 by kyleciatong

There are tons of news articles on the Internet today on the photo that she had posted on her Twitter a few days back that she was filming for Clinique. But I am rather surprised that it took so long for them to write about it.


김소은 무보정, ‘화장품 광고모델’ 제의는 계속될까?

윤정헌 기자 yjh@vop.co.kr



배우 김소은이 무보정 사진을 공개해 화장품 광고모델로서의 자격을 인증했다.

김소은 무보정 사진은 화장품 광고 촬영장에서 찍은 것으로 보여지는 것으로 그녀만의 상큼함과 백옥같은 무보정 피부 자체발광하며 네티즌들의 관심을 집중시켰다.

공개된 사진 김소은 무보정 몸매 그녀의 청초한 청순 매력이 미모 뿐만 아니라 몸매에서도 나온다는 것을 보여준다. 특히 그녀의 쇄골은 여타 쇄골미인들에 밀리지 않는 모습이다.

김소은의 무보정 사진을 접한 네티즌들은김소은 무보정 피부+몸매 완벽!!”, “김소은 피부에서 광체가 난다“, “김소은 무보정 사진 은근 쇄골미인?”, “김소은 무보정 사진을 보면 그녀가 화장품 광고 모델인지 이해가 간다“, “가을이 점점더 이뻐진다..” 피부와 몸매에 대한 극찬이 줄을 이었다.

이렇듯 김소은의 맑고 깨끗한 피부는 이미 예전부터 인정받아 유명 화장품회사들과 전속모델 계약 체결했다.

김소은은 최근클린 클리어 1 6개월 전속 모델 계약을 체결했으며 기존 모델인 소녀시대 윤아와 함께 광고촬영 하며 화제가 되기도 했다.

브랜드 관계자들은 김소은의 소녀 같은 위여움과 단아함, 여성스러운 모습까지 모두 갖췄다며 김소은의 화장품 모델로서의 강점을 설명하기도 했다.

Brief Summary:

Basically article said that Kim So Eun’s no make-up photo validated her qualities to be a cosmetics advertising model. Through the unedited photos of Kim So Eun that was taken at the cosmetics advertisement filming location and shown, the netizens’ attention was focused on the radiance emitted from her freshness and white precious stone-like skin with no make-up. It further added that the photo not only showed her neat and innocent charms, but also the beauty of her collarbone.

Netizens who saw the photo praised her about her skin and body, “Kim So Eun’s no make-up face and body is perfect!”, “Kim So Eun’s skin glows.”, “Kim So Eun is her coy collarbone beauty in her no make-up photos.”, “When I look at her no make-up photo I can understand why she is the cosmetics advertisement model”, “Ga-eul (Autumn) is becoming increasingly pretty..” etc.

Thus Kim So Eun’s clean and clear skin was already confirmed in the past when she signed a contract with a famous cosmetic company to be an exclusive model.

Kim So Eun in recent years signed a 1 year 6 months contract to be an exclusive model and filmed an advertisement together with existing model SNSD’s Yoona.

The brand officials said as Kim So Eun possessed everything, from a girl-like grace to a feminine image, she illustrated the strengths as the cosmetics model.

(Credit 민중의소리)


14 comments on “29May2012 Kim So Eun’s News Article

  • guys have you seen the english trsnslation of kimi ga ireba song which junho composed…it makes me think that junhos feelings to so eun was all written there.. hehehe

  • You work fast to translate it kyleciatong… Thanks. Soeun first charms is her beauty, that’s why it’s easy to like her. But I hope it’s not just beauty but also talent can be praise more. Agree with camay, let’s discuss about junho song kimiga ireba… Will you make a new post about this kyleciatong?

    • Yup, I do admit that I tend to work fast to translate her articles than Junho’s. First because she’s my bias and I believe that articles & news of Junho get updated and translated much faster because of 2PM’s much larger fans base than hers. So no point for me to translate or post it here if others have already done so, unless of course there are requests for me to do so ^o^.

  • finally she got a commercial! great! so happy for that especially because it with the pretty famous clinique!
    yes i’m too confused why this news came so later?
    there’s also some articles talking about her love line with kangta in the drama, i was very happy seeing all this tons of articles in one day!
    thanks kyleciatong u r the best!

  • que bueno se lo merece.. ojala que sigua asi,… realmente es una mujer bella… quiero verla en un drama como protagonista…. y soy muy felis.. tiene tanta luz esta mujer

    • Yes I do admit she’s beautiful too. Hope more and more people from your country will get to like her. Yes I do hope to see her in more dramas and hoping for the day to come when she will land up with good roles…

  • i’m glad she’s starting to get more attention from people in Korea (and i hope international too). i wish she will get good drama or movie where she could show her talent this year and the following years too,,
    Good luck So Eun!!^^

  • I hope this project completed quickly, I can’t wait to see it …
    eonnie would be very pretty here …
    Love Kim So Eun ❤ ❤ ❤ !!!

  • Thanks for translate 🙂

    so.. Exiceted to So Eun!!!
    She beautiful,she cute…
    And she tallented
    Always pray for you So Eun!!

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