Lyrics of Junho’s Self-Composed Song: 君がいれば

Published May 31, 2012 by kyleciatong

The reason that I didn’t post the translation of this self-composed song by Junho much earlier, even though my first thought when I saw the title in the news almost a month ago “Was he referring to So Eun?” (yes my delusional mind was running wild along with many JunSso shippers) was because I supposed there would have already been many translated versions scattered all over the Internet.

But since its Junho’s 4th composed song released to the public (correct me if I’m wrong) and it was released shortly after ”Sad Love” plus request from our dear readers, so here it is.

Honestly I was quite taken aback by the title, because it was just too common and simple. If you do an Internet search, you’d probably find quite a couple of Japanese songs with the same title. Of course, if its referring to Eunnie, then it’s a different story. But then again, if you do realise, Junho is only the composer and the lyrcist is a Japanese. Thus I am not too sure if he did contribute anything to the lyrics.



(Video credit nuneoguno125 & thanks Rienzz for the link)

(Thanks to Reenee for providing the link)

作曲:Lee Jun Ho(Jun Ho of 2PM)
作詞︰Mai Watarai|NICE73


すれ違って 距離をおいた あの時 気がついたよ
君が横にいてはじめて この夢 輝く

掴みたくて 掴めなくて もがいているよ
それでも笑えるんだ 君がいれば走って行けるはずさ

あの日の約束を 叶えるミライを
君に見せたいよ 僕のそばで wow wo
「ひとりじゃ ないから 怖くは ないよ」
そうだよ この手だけはもう離さない oh

追いつかれて 追い越されて アセる夜とかあるけど
君がくれる電話だけで 夜明けが 近づく

君が泣いた時は僕が 朝陽のように
優しく包みたいよ 誰かの為 僕らは強くなれる

眩しい現実に 負けない自信を
君がくれるから 超えてゆける wow wo
「明日は 今日より 笑って いたい」
誓うよ 僕を信じさあ ついて来て oh

たとえ転んでも oh 涙は そう、意味を持つんだ
季節が流れて oh いつか夢に つながる

手に入れる瞬間 stay with me 見てほしい
どうしようもない夜 さまよう心も you know!
君といれば dreams come true 魔法の様さ cuz of you
感じるまま Take your hands! Plz believe & come with me!

あの日の約束を 叶えるミライを
君に見せたいよ 僕のそばで wow wo
「ひとりじゃ ないから 怖くは ないよ」
そうだよ この手だけはもう離さない oh

We passed by each other and put distance (between us), I realized at that time
The first time you are next to me, this dream shines
(I) want to grab, (but I) can’t grab it,  (I am) struggling
Even so, I can smile. If you are here, I can go on running
The promise that day, the future (I) can fulfill
I want to show it to you, (with you) beside me
“You are not alone, so don’t be afraid”
That’s right, only this hand I will not let go again
Caught up and overtaken, though there are rushed/hurried nights
Only with your phone call, the dawn draws near
When you cry,  like the sunrise
I want to hold you gently
For someone, we can become stronger
In the dazzling reality, because you have given me
The confidence not to lose, I can overcome
“I want to laugh more tomorrow than today”
I swear please believe me, follow me oh
Even if (you) fall down, oh, tears yes, carry a meaning
As seasons flow, oh, it connects to (your) dream someday
The moment I get (it), stay with me, I want you to see
A night that can’t be helped, even a wandering heart  you know!
If I’m with you, dreams come true. It’s magical, cuz of you
While feeling (it), take your hands! Please believe & come with me!
The promise that day, the future (I) can fufill
I want to show it to you, (with you) beside me
“You are not alone, so don’t be afraid”
That’s right, only this hand I will not let go again
(Credit JYP Entertainment)

31 comments on “Lyrics of Junho’s Self-Composed Song: 君がいれば

  • by the way, how about the song itself? has it been performed, i’ve never heard, really curious about this song. Kyleciatong-ssi, do you have it,or maybe youtube version? 🙂

  • I’m sure! this song composed by Junho for SoEun.because “Give it to me”the song in 2pm
    album he composed for his ex-girlfriend.555 happy to my JUNSOCOUPLE so sweets.

    • these lines: ”(I) want to grab, (but I) can’t grab it, (I am) struggling
      Even so, I can smile. If you are here, I can go on running”

      seems that describing about their relationship, he want to get close with her, but since he was an idol and so eun an actress, it seems to be impossible…
      Lol, my delusional running wild again 😀

  • nice song!
    well done,junho-yaa,,hehehehe ❤
    hemm,,maybe junho as the lyricist too,,or at least he has some contribution for writing lyrics,,in korean of course..
    and a japanese lyricist helped him esp. for the translation…
    maybe..this is just my prediction,hehehe…

  • well beside the fact that we r all junsso shippers but this song seems weird, i mean it seems connected to some specific story, and destined to someone particular. just the persons who know about this story can understand the real meaning.
    it’s full with symbolic expression like: this dream shines,The promise that day,Even if (you) fall down, oh, tears yes, carries a meaning ,As seasons flow, oh, it connects to (your) dream someday,The moment I get (it), stay with me, I want you to see….ext
    there is no lovey dovey expressions, focusing onto a dream & his wishes of her to be with him all the way
    maybe the real writer is refering to something specific, & if junho is really the lyricist so this song is really suspicious , & as junsso shippers we have the right to be too delusional, lol

  • The promise that day,–are you pertaining the promises so eun make in her letter to u junho
    “”Lets do our best in our own position and Let’s achieve our dream we each want…You who shines on stage, i wll always support you..

    When you cry like the sunrise, I want to hold you gently–is this during the first deliberation with the music director, i knew it, u want to hug her that time… hahahhaha

    In the dazzling reality, because you have given me
    The confidence not to lose, I can overcome— this what junho said to so eun in 19:15 in chapter 3-2
    “Because on a typical day when i couldnt work anymore, you gave me a lot of help 🙂

    Caught up and overtaken, though there is rushed/hurried night—-i would never think for 30 days ..time would passed by so fast..

    Only with your phone call, the dawn draws near– lets contact each other 🙂

    Jusso shippers.. lets all spazz and be delusional 🙂

    • wow..! double daebak camay-ssi, me myself never noticed that before. mmmh…seems that every dialogue on M&L has it own meaning for Junho. i’m pretty sure the one who writes the lyric is Junho ^_^

    • Hahha…Since when all Junsso shippers have become lyrics interpreters. Thanks Camay, Souma and Rienzz for giving such accurate interpretation. I also believe that the song must have been written for SoEun. Well, today is the last day of 2pm 6-beautiful-days concerts in Japan and also Junho’s day today. He’s gonna sing this song, definitely. Let’s us all enjoy his expression and emotion while singing it! ❤

      • Hehehe, everyone is so jjang with interpreations!!! I sure hope that Junho did give some input with regards to the lyrics, then it’ll make sense…
        Unfortunately Junho didn’t sing this song in today’s solo performance as his voice wasn’t well from what I’ve ready. Singing 4 days in a row is really difficult, my voice is usually gone when I go to karaoke and sing for 3 hours….
        Hope he gets well soon.

  • Today is the last day of “six beautiful days” concert and it’s junho’s day…
    In his 2nd solo stage, Junho sang Love Poem in Japanese… it’s the song that he sing in music & lyrics first episode, when he & soeun went for dinner… ><
    (cr:3u_u3,xneneOK27 via 2PM_0430, __Belleism via uHottest)
    Junho yah… did you remember your first meeting with soeunnie? 😀 😀 😀

  • Haven’t got a chance to hear the song, but I like the lyrics in that song. Daebak to Junho, he is really talented musician. Hope he will still shine this year. Agree with you all, wishing that this song is dedicated to Soeun… Thanks kyleciatong for granted our wish to post this song.

  • “You are not alone, so don’t be afraid”
    That’s right, only this hand I will not let go again”

    Aigoooooo~! Butterflies in my tummy!
    I don’t know who’s his real inspiration for making this song but I can’t help but think that So Eun is the reason. ! ! !Kyaaaaa! ❤

  • Hi~ I love your blog! 😀
    been refreshing this site just to see if there’s a new update from our beloved couple ㅋㅋ
    btw, just got an info from a junho fansite about some junho’s self-composed songs. the title of the songs are a bit suspiscious such as “just a feeling”, “cuty cat”, “maybe I love you” etc. I’ve been searching for the lyrics but get nothing. anyway, uri junho is so productive nowadays. is it because he has an inspirator for create these songs? *delusional
    here is the fansite link ->

    • Thanks so much for dropping by this blog often and sharing the link. *U*
      In fact I do visit that fansite as well as its updates on Junho are amazingly fast.
      I totally agree with you, he’s like a songs-making machine these days (just like how someone once termed herself before as the lyrics-writing machine in M&L)….

  • IN this talk show “k pop music Japan” at 7.06 Junho’s answer “this song is my compossed; it’s meaning about if you are here I can do everythings”…..haaaa so sweet
    I’m happy with this answer…..JUNSO COUPLE IS REAL….

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