8Jun2012 Kim So Eun’s News Article

Published June 9, 2012 by kyleciatong

Ooooh…*squeals*. I love these photos released by Eunnie’s agency!! She’s simply overflowing with cuteness….


김소은, 귀요미 3종세트 셀카로 ‘애교 끝판왕’ 도전

기사입력 2012-06-08 09:00:32

[TV리포트 김보라 인턴기자] 배우 김소은이 귀요미 셀카 3종 세트로 ‘애교 끝판왕’에 도전했다.

김소은의 소속사 판타지오는 8일 종합편성채널 JTBC 월화극 ‘해피엔딩’(김윤정 극본, 곽영범 연출)에서 상큼한 스캔녀로 변신해 화제를 모으고 있는 김소은이 아버지 김두수(최민수)에게 선물 받은 핑크색 이불 위에서 분홍색 곰 인형을 안고 찍은 사진을 공개했다.

그는 자신의 몸집보다 더 큰 분홍색 곰 인형을 안고 깜찍한 브이 포즈를 취하는가 하면, 인형의 등에 업혀 자는 듯한 모습을 연출하는 등 귀엽고 사랑스러운 매력을 뽐내고 있다.

특히 한쪽 눈을 찡긋한 채 입을 쭉 내밀며 앙증맞고 깜찍한 애교를 보이고 있는 김소은의 모습이 고스란히 담겨 있어 남성 팬들의 마음을 설레게 만들고 있다.

이를 본 누리꾼들은 “김소은 사랑스럽다” “애교 끝판왕이네~ 귀여워” “애교 대박” “곰 인형 보다 김소은이 더 귀여운 듯” “귀요미 매력에 마음이 사르르~” 등 뜨거운 반응을 보였다.

한편, 회를 거듭할수록 진한 감동으로 화제를 모으고 있는 ‘해피엔딩’은 매주 월, 화요일 오후 8시 40분에 방송된다.



 Kim So Eun, Challenges (to be the) “Ultimate King/Ruler of Cute Expressions” Through a Cutie Set of 3-types of  Selcas

 (TV Report Kim Bo Ra Intern Reporter) Actress Kim So Eun challgened to be the “Ultimate King/Ruler of Cute Expressions” through a cutie set of 3-kinds of selca.

Kim So Eun’s agency Fantiago on the 8th,  released photos taken of Kim So Eun, who had gathered a lot of talk through her transformation into a fresh scanner girl in general service channel’s JTBC’s Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Happy Ending (Screenplay Kim Yoon Jeon, Director Kwak Yeong Beom), hugging a pink teddy bear, a present she received from her father Kim Du Su (Choi Min Su) on top of a pink quilt.

She showed off cute and adorable charms by displaying the image of not only hugging the pink teddy bear whose figure in the photo was bigger than hers  and adopting a cute V pose, but also holding the back of the teddy bear and appearing to be sleeping.

Especially while she made one eye small as she pushed her lips (out to one side), the image of a dainty Kim So Eun showing adorable cute-expressions was held intact (in the pictures), made the hearts of male fans flutter.

Warm responses etc. from netizens who saw the photos, “Kim So Eun is adorable,” “She is the ultimate king/ruler of cute expressions ~ adorable,” “Fantastic cute expressions,” “Kim So Eun is cuter than the teddy bear,” “With (her) cutie charms, my heart is softly/gently ~”can be seen.

Meanwhile, Happy Ending which is gathering topics with heavier emotions as its episode continues is broadcast every week Monday & Tuesday’s evening 840pm.

 (Credit TV Report)


13 comments on “8Jun2012 Kim So Eun’s News Article

  • “Especially while she winked with one eye as she pushed her lips”
    i don’t think she winked, she even don’t need to wink to look the cuteness itself!
    i really adore this photos, so beautiful especially with the pink color of the bear and the bedspread!
    i wonder why her agency published those photos! too late to realise how cute she is!
    excuse me but i don’t like her agency at all!

  • Haha, you right! Not too sure if I’ve gotten it exactly correct…but I think she made her eyes smaller instead of winking or maybe she attempted to.
    Hmmm I’ve got nothing against her agency, except for the choice of dramas that she has participated thus far. Not too sure if it was selected by her agency or herself (or worse she didn’t have much choice to begin with). But they do have quite a number of actors and actresses under their wings.
    I like the fact that the news mentioned about her male fans…hehehe… (^o^)

    • as for the choice of her dramas i agree we don’t know who is the responsible, so we can’t judge her agency,but seeing other actresses & actors no matter how famous or rookies they are, we can see that they kept on touch with public & medias through cfs, magazine’s shooting, tv programs & many other things.
      as for soeun case i really think that there is something weird, there r a clear lack of publicity in her career!
      why she didn’t do any cfs since 2010( not including the recent news about clinique wich it is not sure if it’s a cfs or just for magazines)?
      why not participating in any tv program? ( not talking about ones like m&l, for ex: strong heart; ranning man …..ext)
      for ex: i remember seeing news about all her magazine shoots last year! but as for LOL magazine i didn’t find any news about it even in korean! what the importance of that photoshoot than! noticing that it was really an exellent photshoot!
      as for secret angel, jang woo hyuk agency realised many articles promoting it, & the korean press was like secret angel achieved a great success mainly cuz of him !
      & lately happy ending countless edited scenes! ( wondering why just her scenes with kangta but not other actors scenes!)
      & not forgetting her injured hand!
      honestly i can’t help but feel that there is something wrong! just visiting some actresses threads in soompi sometimes make me realise how underrated soeun is!
      supposing that soeun don’t like being under lights, yes that it’s true in someways! but back than in 2009 she was very active with many commercials, tv interviews , many photoshoot, 3 dramas & 1 film( canceled), missions (ambassador of youth films or something), mvs…ext. noticing that she was so happy doing all that and enjoying popularity!
      so honestly i don’t think that she don’t like being under lights that much!
      i don’t think that no one care about her! she is young , pretty, lovable , & talented , & she have her own way wich is pretty special & rare to find in other actresses so where is the pbm?
      anyway i do think that things getting better this time, but not enough really!

  • she’s really cute and her jacket looks familiar, doesn’t junho has one like this?? during their ride to the camping site, soeun praised junho’s outfit and i think she likes his jacket and bought one for herself hahaha…

  • I like the one, which make her like being piggy back by the teddy bear. About her agency, I also don’t know is it because her agency or is it Soeun choice? My opinion Soeun didn’t really try to expose much about her self. Especially her personal life. Like when she got injured, she didn’t post any comment through twitter or her account. Maybe she just like to keep her life personal.
    If you read korean news in internet, mostly about singer idols, maybe that’s why they’ve been call idol. They have to interact with fans and doing a lot of publication keep their idols title.

    • Thanks for sharing the link Souma. I never read that article. Now I can get to know her more through this article. So she is kind of girl who likes to cook for her boyfriend… what a lucky boyfriend who got her, pretty, can cook, fun, and bright. Wondering if there is some boys who trying to pursuit her? 🙂 She said she want to fall in love and having a relationship…

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