9June2012 Japan NTV’s ズームイン!!サタデー (Zoom-in!!Saturday) – 2PM

Published June 9, 2012 by kyleciatong

I’ve watched this 2PM’s interview in  a Japanese program which was broadcasted today, “Zoom-in Saturday” i.e. Zumusata for short posted by a fan on Youtube, 2PM had to answer some questions in order to earn air-time to promote their single.

One segment I found amusing and was listening out for Junho’s answer  and I couldn”t help but laugh.

Read on and find out his answer. I’m sure most 2Pm’s fans would love to know their answers as well.


Question: What kind of date was your most memorable date till now?

“Date? Date?” Everyone started questioning & thinking hard

Nickhun: A date at the beach, when I was 16 years old.

Taecyeon: Me too, at the beach watching the fireworks at night.

Chansung: On the street, just holding each other’s hands and walking.

Junho:  There isn’t any particular….

But the rest of the members didn’t believe him …

He quickly defended himself (with a bit of irritation I think) and answered that he had no recollection, i.e. he couldn’think of any.

Junsu: Really????!!

Junho: (seemingly irritated) Yeah, yeah….

The host repeated Junho’s reply while Taecyeon and Junsu laughed at him by saying “(He’s) lonely…” while a seemingly embarassed Junho looked at the floor…hehe


Junho: (To the audience) Wouldn’t you like to try making some memories together with me? (P.S.  Shouldn’t you direct the question at Eunni??? lol)

Wooyoung: I made a small diary, wrote down the feelings in my heart and gave it to her.

Junsu: I’ve prepared a surprise event with candle, cake, music and I sing “I love you”.

In the end, 2PM earned 15 seconds of airtime to promote their single and Junho did the PR. After which the host commented that their dance was  indeed very sexy, but Junho was more concerned about his PR and asked the host how was his PR and everyone broke into laughter. Said he was promoting it with his life, ie. very hard. (P.S Haha..this was so comical and I really think that he did try very hard given that his Japanese was the poorest among the members and it was amazing that he could do a 15-seconds presentation without stopping.)

(Credit NTV  &   0125fuwafuwa3)


10 comments on “9June2012 Japan NTV’s ズームイン!!サタデー (Zoom-in!!Saturday) – 2PM

  • poor Junho, so you are lonely huh….come to noona then hehe….
    by the way, amongs the 2PM member, why only Junho who didn’t give a specific answer, or there’s something you hide from us…? 😉

  • Taecyeon: at the beach watching the fireworks at night
    (inside junho’s mind: that’s my last date with Eunni)

    Chansung: On the street, just holding each other’s hands and walking
    (inside junho’s mind : that’s also my date with Eunni)

    Mc : What kind of date was your most memorable date till now?

    Junho: There isn’t any particular….
    He quickly defended himself, that he had no recollection, i.e. he couldn’think of any.

    (inside junho’s mind : i couldn’t think of any because you stole all of mine!! i couldn’t say that my most memorable date was in Jeonju with beautiful actress right?)

    ahaha again, delusional mind of mine******

  • LOL!><
    You know somethings up if the boys keep on giving us hints like that. .*wink*
    Well only Junso shippers and a true blue Hottest would know that right?!

  • I’m smiling reading their answers. Seems that they all teasing Junho, except for Khun. Is it Junho tried to cover something? Like he can’t say anything about his date. Could it be because the answer will make people realizes who the person is.

  • hahaha…poor my hwangje…
    but i just cant believe that there’s no memorable date in his mind..
    owhh really?? *my reaction would be the same as the members 😀
    this is suspicious,,why dont he answer clearly,,just being ordinary,,or we could see that he’s definitely hiding something rite now,,kekeke.. 😀

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