1Jun2012:Kim So Eun & Lee Hyun Woo’s Clinique Endorsement Part 1

Published June 11, 2012 by kyleciatong

Clinique has set up a website for their anti-blemish product which they have selected Kim So Eun & Lee Hyun Woo as the endorsers.

Those who are keen, can check out the website below. But the website is closed for now and will  re-open on 14 Jun. Hopefully there be more pictures and video uploaded then:


Below is an English translation of the article that comes along with the poster. After reading it, I can only say the Koreans are so lucky  :(.


여드름을 퇴치하고 깨끗한 피부로 태어날 수 있도록 크리니크 안티 블레미쉬 솔루션 라인과 함께 ‘클리어 스킨챌린지 프로젝트’를 실시한다.

클리어 스킨 챌린지 프로젝트의 첫 번째는 탤런트 ‘이현우’와 ‘김소은’이 크리니크 마이크로 사이트(http://anti-blemish.cliniquekorea.co.kr)를 통해서 전하는 안티 블레미쉬 스토리.

‘그 남자, 그 여자의 안티 블레미쉬 30일’이란 영상의 주인공인 이 두사람은 영상을 통해서 크리니크 안티 블레미쉬 솔루션 라인의 사용법을 생생하게 소개를 해줄 예정이다.

두 번째 프로젝트는 안티 블레미쉬 체험단 이벤트이다. 크리니크 온라인을 통해 응모 가능한 클리어 스킨 챌린지 프로젝트 체험단은, 여드름 퇴치의 최강자로 소문난 크리니크 ‘안티 블레미쉬 3-스텝’ 정제품 한달 사용 분을 제공 받아 사용할 수 기회를 부여 받는 것은 물론, 8월 중 크리니크에서 진행하는 데이트 파티에 초대될 수 있는 기회까지 제공받는다.

세 번째 프로젝트는, 바로 체험단에 응모는 했지만, 아쉽게 체험단으로 선정되지 못한 분들을 위한 것으로 응모해주신 분들 중 추첨을 통해 1000명에서 안티 블레미쉬 2종 샘플 (클래리파잉 로션 & 모이스춰라이저)을 증정하는 이벤트를 실시할 예정이다. 또한 이현우 & 김소은이 출연한 영상을 트위터, 페이스 북에 공유하신 분들에게도 추첨을 통해서 ‘안티 블레미쉬 솔루션 3-스텝’을 증정한다.

In order to wipe out/conquer acne/pimple and  for clean skin to be born, Clinque launches Anti-Blemish Lotion together with “Clinique Skin Challenge Project”.

The first talent of clear skin challenge project ‘Lee Hyun Woo’ and ‘Kim So Eun’ will communicate through Clinique micro-site ((http://anti-blemish.cliniquekorea.co.kr) the anti-blemish story.

They are the leading characters of  the video called the “That Man, That Girl’s Anti-Blemish 30 days”, a program where both of them will vividly introduce the the usage of  Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution Line through the video.

The second project is Anti Blemish experience mission event. Through Clinque’s online, possible entries for clear skin challenge experience group, will be granted the opportunity to receive and use a month’s supply of “Clinque Anti-Blemish 3-steps” refined product, famous for being the best in conquering acne and pimple, and of course they will even be offered the opportunity to be invited to an ongoing date party held in the middle of August at Clinque.

The third project is  for the sake of those who did apply to be part of the experience group but regretably were not selected, a program will be conducted where through a lucky draw event 1000  people  from those who applied will receive 2 types of Anti-Blemish sample (Clinqiue Fine Lotion & Moisturizer)  In addition, Lee Hyun Woo & Kim So Eun will present  “Anti-Blemish Solution 3 Steps”  to those who share their filmed video through Twitter, Facebook via a lucky draw

(Credit Clinique Korea)


19 comments on “1Jun2012:Kim So Eun & Lee Hyun Woo’s Clinique Endorsement Part 1

  • Soeun looks a little chubby, maybe because her skin more glowing. And she looks younger too. If I don’t know their age, I will thought that she still teenager. I really like this two as individual. Both are great actor & actrees. Please any PD just let them become costars in a movie. Wishing she will have movie project this year, although I have read rumor about her in Horse doctor.

  • Ah! So cute and adorable!!
    I get suspicious of a song that Junho composed. Kimi ga ireba – Just a feeling – Maybe I love hahaha delusion! 🙂 that’s song he was composed after M&L, right? Do u have a lyrics? 😀

    • i read from other site that maybe i love u was composed before M&L era, which is used for radio’s jingle, as for just a feeling me too fell curious about the lyric, but it’s kinda a bit difficult i think, even i can’t find the fancam when Junho performed that song -_-

  • If you look at the tag line, it says “That man, That Woman’s anti-blemishes in 30 days” or something like that. But duh, “that man, that woman”? That is sooo M&L = That man who composes, that woman who writes.. Can they just use Junho instead?? Hehe…

  • hahaha. this kid really reminds me of WOOYOUNG! Hahaha. delusional mind again, relating anything about So eun and Junho. But reallyyy! He’s just so cute! I hope they will have a project together! A movie perhaps!

    • i’m with you dear…love the line: ”really reminds me of WOOYOUNG”. I’ve said before in So eun’s pic with Lee Hyun Woo on her twitter that he kinda looked like wooyoung…but i change my mind, he’s not kinda looks like wooyoung…in fact he is wooyoung’s twin brother…kekeke
      wondering what’s on Junho’s mind…maybe he will say: what the heck!…first, Nickhun…and now, wooyoung…Lol…another delusional mind again…hahaha

  • I like her look here mostly because she looks very natural and her face looks so smooth. So beautiful, unnie! Good luck with everything!

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