14Jun2012:Kim So Eun & Lee Hyun Woo’s Clinique Endorsement Part 2

Published June 14, 2012 by kyleciatong

Yaaaah! The video for their CF is finally out!!! Thanks to Rienzz for the update. They are so so so ADORABLE!!!

There are two versions – one is the 22 seconds version which I suppose is for airing on TV and the other one is a longer version 2mins 17 seconds (which is probably too long to be aired on TV) where you’ll find Eunnie & Hyun Woo teaching how to apply the products. But they kept using the line “That Man, That Woman…” in the 20s version, reminded me of M&L and makes me start to miss SoEun Couple all over again *sob sob*.


22 Seconds Version


So Eun: 30 days of tackling skin trouble. If only without skin trouble, that perfect man Hyun Woo.

Hyun Woo: If only without skin trouble, that beautiful woman So Eun.

So Eun: Everyone, aren’t you that man, that woman?

Hyun Woo: Now right away please challenge the Anti-Blemish 30 days.

Longer Version


Hyun Woo: Woo…Great! Oh… (she’s from) our school. (Typing) Hello, I am Lee Hyun Woo from English Literature Department. If it’s ok, might it possible for us meet up once?

So Eun: Ow..what’s this? Hmmm, not bad (looking). (typing) Then let’s meet (once).

Hyun Woo/So Eun: Ah…that’s right! My skin….

Hyun Woo: (Typing) As this month is the exam period, how about when the finals end?

So Eun: (Typing) Ok. Let’s meet 30 days later.

Hyun Woo: (Typing) Yes, we’ll meet then.

So Eun: How did you think our love was formed?

Flashback to 30 days before and demonstration by Eunnie & Hyun Woo.

(Credit Clinique Korea)


12 comments on “14Jun2012:Kim So Eun & Lee Hyun Woo’s Clinique Endorsement Part 2

  • Mmh…I like the longer version better…they’re cute but not as cute & perfect like her & junho…aigoo I miss junso couple so much T_T

  • Yeay…. Finally the CF that I’ve been expecting. Thanks for the link and translation kyleciatong. Cute cute cute… Why they used the word that man and that woman?

    • I bet they are still riding the coattails of the phenemonal “Music and Lyrics” episode featuring the Junsso couple. God, I do miss them together. Hope she goes to his concert. Though, I would think she would be a bit busy since it’s confirmed that she would be a princess in “The Horse Doctor”
      Fighting So Eun! Show them the power of your acting. I’ve wanted her in a sageuk ever since I saw her as the fierce princess in Iron Empress. I really hope she shines in this project since I think that all eyes would be on her since she is an actress that has yet to really proven herself in a meaty role in such an anticipated and big production as this.

      • Yeah, i bet they initially want Junsso couple to endorse but to bad Junho already endorse other cosmetic product, but Lee Hyun Woo is cute though ^_~,,,
        Yessss, an arrogant princess sounds good and i hope it’ll be strong character, not just an annoying trying to be cute princess,,LOL
        and the fact that she’s get to act with such a great name as Jo Seung Woo, Le Yo Woon&Lee Sang Woo makes me reaaaaallly happy and proud that she’s able to catch such a great producer’s attention (from what i read they said many actors and actresses think of it as an honor to work with him). Let’s pray that the story will be interesting,,
        but, as a second main lead i think we have to wait couple episode to see our princess,hope it’ll be worthed,,,
        Good Luck with your new project hope you get what you deserve, and show them your acting’s power!!!So Eun jjang!!!!!^^

      • I’ve read the news of her participation in Horse Doctor with mixed feelings. Happy because she’s playing the role of princess and its a major production at one of main TV stations, so it means she’ll get a chance to be nominated and appeared at the year-end awards. But as she’s playing a second lead and an arrogant princess who will resort to all ways to get things she wants, it seems like her character is not going to be a likeable one and second lead usually has a bad ending, so I am a bit worried.
        No matter what its definitely going to be different from all her previous works, so it’ll be good for her personally. Looking foward to see her in the saeguk costume.

  • let’s be positive, sometimes ‘evil’ character bring actor/ actresses to her/ his fame, like Go Hyun Jung as Mi Shil, Uee in You’re Beautiful even Lee Si Yeong become more popular after she played bad girl in BBF^^,,,

    i hope you enjoy your trip kyleciatong-ssi^^, please be safe and make sure you come back!!
    i’ll miss you ^_~

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