20Jun2012: Happy Ending’s Press Conference

Published June 21, 2012 by kyleciatong

Surprisingly, JTBC held a press conference today for Happy Ending, thought the show will be ending with another 7 episodes more to go?

Anyway,  there are heaps of Eunnie’s photos and a couple of news articles appeared in the news today. Personally, I think she looks really seriously great in the photos.

Some of the captions that appearing along with these photos include:

1) Kim So Eun ‘A Killer-Smile with the Power to Attract Men’s Heart’

2) Kim So Eun ‘Mini One-Piece, Healthy & Beautiful Leg Curves ‘

3) Kim So Eun ‘Sweet & Lovely Smile’

4) Kim So Eun ‘Short but Ratio is Golden Proportion’

5) Kim So Eun ‘Small but Perfect Propotion’

Whenever I look at the photos, I must admit that she does really look small in size as compared to the people around her in the photos.

More often than not, I often wonder if her size is one of the factors that hinders her from getting a good or lead role in a drama as I have came across many  tall & lanky Korean actresses who do not score in terms of look and sometimes acting skills but still land up with lead roles.

Main points of the articles as summarized below:

1) Kim So Eun said Eun Ha’s character is one that she would say whatever she wants to even in front of guys. When she was acting Eun Ha, she felt comfortable/at ease being able to say what she wants so that was why it seemed that her personality is changing as well. However unlike Eun Ha, when she meets guys she doesn’t scan them.

2) She believes that there’ll be a love-line between Kangta & her in the drama and audience can look forward to it as there seemed to be no progress till now because of her dad’s illness in the drama. (P.S Actually I rather it stay this way…hehe).

3) She also said that Choi Min Su is like an extremely easy-going/comfortable dad. He jokes a lot. They had an enjoyable time filming together as he also played the guitar and sang for them.



(Photos credit TV Daily, Osen, My Daily, Newsen & StarNews)



9 comments on “20Jun2012: Happy Ending’s Press Conference

  • Ok, so now they’re say something about her height. I also think she is petite and quite short for Korean actress. But my other favorite actress, Song Hye Kyo also petite and short. She still got a lead role. And Hye Kyo been known as one of the most popular Hallyu Star.

    I think it’s Soeun own decision to choose the role she want to play. She is really a down to earth person, realized that she still need to learn much from her sunbae. All actors and actresses in BOF were offering good role for movies or dramas. There’s been talks maybe just rumor that say that she’s been offering role in City Hunter, but Park Min Young got the role. That time I heard some contras opinion said they didn”t want Jun Pyo been pairing with Ga eul. And she also got award as the rookie actress in KBS, so there should be many good role offer to her. (it’s just my opinion).

  • yes.. lets just wait for her breakthrough.. and to add it there was also a rumour that princess man was first offered to here.. 🙂

    and yes this days she’s very pretty.. as i saw all the photos i cant help to envy her perfection…… i think she’s blooming.. maybe she’s inlove!! wink wink junho 🙂

  • yes agree, she is really so pretty, charming , attractive, & really really glowing this days (since the begining of HE)! maybe cuz of her dark hair, personally i think she is most beautiful with dark hair, & not forgetting the new make up!
    i also beleive that soeunie is a photogenic! not just beautiful or pretty, but especially the deep look in her eyes <3, her sweet smile, her gestures!
    the endless pictures of her in the press today make me believe that she's really in the center of attention & the light of korean press!
    did you all notice how they focus on her special charm in all articles?
    as for her height, yes she is petite, i guess she is under 1.60 m, but i don't think koreans are giants! they really should be more realistic! people should grow up really!

  • Kim So Eun is just the joy and light of the press lately, huh! I’m so glad and hopefully we will get more pictures and articles in the next few months because of her role as Princess Sukhee. I can’t wait to see her in hanbok!

    Her looks had really improved alot in Happy Ending whether it’s because of her makeup or hair. I think it’s just that she is glowing lately having been gaining lots of confidence with news articles praising her acting skills and finally taking notice of her hard work every week. As for the height issue, I think it’s part of her package, a fierce little thing in a little package. Just because she’s petite doesn’t mean she isn’t bursting with charm and talent!

    • Kim So Eun is really pretty and charming. Maybe she doesn’t have that S line shape just like other korean celebs and idols, but her proportions are really good. I really think she has everything, except for the height. LOL.Yeah. I think God never really gave everything to us. Nobody’s perfect.

      I’m also happy that she’s getting attention these days for her acting. And I think she will gain more attention for the upcoming drama Horse Doctor/Enchanted since it’s an MBC’s big project for their anniversary. MBC’s anniversary projects are always a hit!! Even though she’s just the 2nd main lead here, there are possibilities that this will serve her breakthrough role. Just like Go Hyun Jung in QSD, who even won Daesang awards on Baeksang and MBC drama awards.

  • hello there ! someone told me that KSE mentioned before on an interview that her mother is a former Miss Korea..is it true? i also saw it on nate before..but i don’t understand Korean..but i read the word ‘Miss Korea’ .

    • if im nt mistaken, KSE mother is a photograper. Btw one of the HE cast are former miss korean, lee something haha i forgot her name,maybe they mention abt her nt KSE mther hehe.

  • yeah..i also read on article before that her mother is a photographer and So eun also used to model for her..they release that article after ATK so i doubt that it’s about her co-star on HE..

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