22Jun2012: Kim So Eun’s Article

Published June 25, 2012 by kyleciatong

Actually, I didn’t intend to do a post on this article when I first  saw it on the 22 Jun because with my level of Korean, it would definitley take me quite some time to give a good translation and my hands are a bit tight now.

But as there are requests for it, I would just simply provide a summary based on what I can understand (which I think might not be very accurate, so take it with a pinch of salt hahaha).. But before I go into it, I must admit I was pretty in awe when I first saw Eunnie’s photos. She truly does look awesome and somehow

she does seems prettier in the photos in the news these days.

The caption of the news crowned her as the “Belle of the Beach” as she displayed “Solar Beauty”. It mentioned that above all, even under the hot sun, she attracted attention as she displayed “Solar Beauty”. Even if one look at  Kim So Eun who appeared to be enjoying a relaxing getaway at a cool resort  and her superior beauty, she displayed an adorable charm with her cool/refreshing fashion. Wearing a pink sleeveless T-shirt layering with a grey sleeveless T-shirt and red-hot pants, she exhbited a cheerful character  well while acting a lively Eun Ha. There was after-talk that though it was the drama’s first visit to the resort, Kim So Eun presented herself as enjoying the filming consistently like a child who was delighted with the long-awaited outing (Not too certain if I got this sentence right). The article then went to talk about what happened in Episode 16, when she discovered her father’s illness. Believe the article also mentioned that the production company said that even with Kim So Eun’s extremely realistic appearance of behaving nastily to her family, she perfectly played the role of an adorable Eun Ha whom there’s no way for anyone to detest her and to look forward if there’ll  be a plan for her to radiate other colorful charms and the growth of her character with the discovery of her father’s illness.

(CreditXports News)


10 comments on “22Jun2012: Kim So Eun’s Article

  • This blog had been so quiet lately. Maybe because kyleciatong still on a trip…
    And there’s not so many update news about So Eun.
    Miss the discussion here…

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