16Jul2012 – Happy Ending’s Celebration Dinner

Published July 17, 2012 by kyleciatong

Hehe..it”s been a while since I’ve last posted.

Been busy with work and getting a bit laid back in updating this blog.

But it seems there weren’t  been much news on So Eun while I was away but as usual there are tons of updates on Junho and his activities on his respective fan-blogs (which I won’t be posting any here since the updates are widely available on WWW).

To get things moving a little, here’s a small update on So Eun. This picture was taken by the guy in the picture, who belongs to the filming team of SBS’s A Gentleman’s Dignity. He uploaded the picture on his twitter:

해피엔딩 쫑파티 놀러옴ㅋㅋ 가을양 ~ 아니 소은님  오래전부터 만나고 싶었어요ㅜㅜ!!동갑인데 정말 이쁘당 ㅎㅎ !!!!

Translation: Went to have fun at Happy Ending’s celebration dinner ㅋㅋGa-Eul yang ~ no So Eun-nim, I’ve wanted to meet (her) for the longest time ㅜㅜ!! (She’s of the) same age (as me) but she’s really pretty  ㅎㅎ !!!!

 Below is a news article on another photo taken during the dinner:

김소은, 훈남 스태프와 다정한 기념촬영…직찍도 ‘인형미모’

입력 2012-07-18 10:22:05

김소은, 훈남 스태프와 연인처럼…’
16일 종영한 JTBC 월화드라마 ‘해피엔딩’의 현장 스태프가 배우 김소은과 다정하게 찍은 사진을 공개했다.

김소은은 사진에서 훈훈한 외모의 스태프와 다정히 브이(V)를 그리고 있다. 특히 김소은은 싱그러운 미소를 지어 특유의 청순함을 더했다.
이 스태프에 따르면 사진은 드라마 ‘해피엔딩’의 종방연에서 찍은 기념사진이라고 했다.
한편, 김소은은 JTBC 드라마 ‘해피엔딩’에서 은하 역을 맡아 안정적인 연기로 호평을 받았다. 드라마 ‘헤피엔딩은 최민수의 죽음을 끝으로 막을 내렸다.
동아닷컴 연예뉴스팀 기사제보 star@donga.com


Kim So Eun, Memory Photo with Warm Male Staff….Though Self-Taken, Doll-Like Appearance

 ‘Kim So Eun, like lover with warm male staff…’

On the 16th, a staff of aired JTBC’s Mon/Tue drama “Happy Ending” released photo taken cheerfully with actress Kim So Eun. In the photo, Kim So Eun  together with a warm-looking staff,  were lovingly depicting  V (sign). Specifically Kim So Eun’s fresh smile accentuated her distinct innocence/purity. According to the staff, the photo was a memory photo taken at the “Happy Ending” celebration dinner.

Meanwhile, Kim So Eun received favourabe comment for her stable acting (skills) playing the role of Eun Ha in JTBC’s drama “Happy Ending”. Drama “Happy Ending”  finally ended with the death of Choi Min Su.

(P.S: So Eun seems to get along pretty well with the staff of HE. Hmm, not too sure if anyone had noticed – look at the number of accessories that she’s wearing on both arms in the photos in this post, and I think I saw someone *wink wink* doing the same thing or should I say had mentioned in recent interviews that he’s wearing more accessories on his hands…heehee. Not too sure if its the latest fashion trend or pure coincidence or……….)

(Credit Twitter & SportsDongha)


33 comments on “16Jul2012 – Happy Ending’s Celebration Dinner

  • aww… what a cute statement from him (cute guy but don’t like his hair)..I wish Junho read his twitter & be so jealous!!! hehehe…Thanks kyleciatong! I’ve been waiting update from this blog for so long…keep updating…aja aja!

  • Whoaa thank you for update, yes she’s pretty and nice! Oh, and easy-going Wkwk 😀 you know about Junho composed a song at JWY solo album? The title song is ‘be with you’ hahaha just get a suspicious 😀 #delusional I hope u understand what I mean because my english not good hihihi

    • Did you read the english translation of “Be With You”? Junho be getting freaky! Yes she looks really pretty and fresh and I love that a lot of the male staff wants to take pics with her.

      • Yessss, I read it too. I’m curious about who’s Junho think when writing a lyrics 😀 some people like Junsso shipper think it can be about soeun and him hahaha ‘this song for soeun, right?’ too many people say it even twitter 😀

      • I’ve just seen the eng translation of the lyrics. Srly, it does give me goosebumps….so sweet…The candle part somewhere at the end of the song really reminds me of his gift to Soeun. The song is like 99.999999…% is written for Soeun.

      • yes..I did read it…
        BE WITH YOU – JANG WOOYOUNG (23, Male, Single – Solo Album)
        Lyrics – 2PM’s Junho
        Music: 2PM’s Junho, Hong Jisang
        Arrangement: Hong Jisang
        The lyrics I got is from : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MZ2bFsrZYY&feature=related

        the first line, “This slightly trembling moment that I waited for a long time” this remind me the scene at the Korean Film Archive, when so eun listening the soundtrack song from MC sniper (Junho favorite song) the way Junho eyes looking at so eun for 10 seconds or more, I’m for sure he is trembling already….hehehe and I got the scene when they went to the church at Jeonju, when both of them standing at the altar, So eun said the line like in the movie and when So eun said, Yes! you can see Junho face expression & his hand suddenly touching his chest ( I know for sure, his heart is thumping hard, hehehe)

        the line, “your scent all over my body, baby, something endlessly intense like this deepening night, I just wanna love you, know that I want you, so I could be next to you, come to me”…this scene must be from their last trip at the beach, when Junho put the seat belts on for so eun, he can smell her scent and at beach when so eun ask, can you carry me just to there? the Junho offer her piggyback ride, and the hugging scene at the bench also the fireworks scene that MBC cuts

        the line “the shivers from your fingertips, your silhouette, your whisper, baby…open all of your heart to me” I did remember the scene inside the car after listening the song from Lee Jung, when Junho said Let’s cheer on! So eun said, Fighting! So eun said that Junho hands feels warm, junho reply her, is it warm? and she ask him, can I hold it?? and finally Junho said Hold it..then So eun kinda whisper, “since I’m holding it, I’m warm” muahahaha…my delusional mode on!!!

        there is another line, “My all sensation are moving at your fingertips, I’m getting closer to you without even realizing it!” If you see all the M&L episode over again, see their interaction with each other by touching each other hand, especially Junho always start & ask it first!
        the line, I want to know you better until the candle go out, suspicious about the scented candle that he gave her as a present!

        I hope this delusional of mine can satisfy everyone…kekekekekek….

  • Hooray… you’re back, kyleciatong. It’s been such a long time not to read her articles. Thanks for translating the news.

    About the accessories, she used to like wear accessories since BOF. One of her past “scandal” was because she wear the same ring as Kim Beom. After her arm injuries, she’s not wear that. Maybe now her arm has already recover. Glad to see the recovery.

    Which interview that “someone” said he’s wearing more accessories now? Could you please share the link?

    • I didn’t notice that she used to wear a lot of accessories but I do know the so called “scandal” then due to the supposedly same ring she wore as Kim Bum. I was quite surprised when I saw her wearing so many rings on her fingers in M&L.

      I unable to provide the link as I believe it might have taken off. It happened during one of 2PM interviews in Japan during their promotion sometime in June. I recalled the hosts asked 2PM which member is most stylish and they voted Junho and because he started wearing a lot of accessories on himself..I think you’ll be able to notice that too in their recent pictures. 🙂

    • Hi Camay & Tonbo, I saw your messages in Soompi :). I watched the video but it was rather soft so I couldn’t really hear what she was saying. As per the title of the video, it does seems she is undergoing some 14-day course, she mentioned about “care, legs and skincare”.

      • Thanks! Hmm, she is just so hardworking. She just got out of filming! DO you think it’s because of her role in “Horse Healer”?

  • Hi! My first time to post here. Thanks so much for taking time to make this blog for my new fave couple JunSo. I hope they will be paired up again in the near future. What can I say they look so real, real couple. I don’t know Junho before but now he’s my new fav singer just like 2PM my new fave boyband.

    • Hi Odetojoy, thanks for taking time to post here.
      The pleasure is mine and I also hope they’ll be paired again in some project but I guess it’ll take a miracle for that to happen considering the influx of newbies in thieir entertainment indusry.

  • She’s too friendly to everyone, its difficult for see what her feel. Her smile too honest. She always care to everyone and her partner even staff at drama. When I watch M&L, If I see Junho when staring Soeun, his gesture, his ears and at all. I can feel this guy admire and begin falling for her. But Soeun, I can’t guess what her think but her eyes and gesture sometime can’t lie. She’s like hide her feeling. If Junho staring me like he’s staring Soeun, maybe I’ll nervous and don’t know how hahaha lol. Maybe her heart can’t stop beating when she with him at single time though she’s comfortable with him. That’s love eonni 😀 junho is not type guy who surrender when he’s really love with some girls. Even if that cause his schedule, firstly, he’ll made that girl believe with his deep feeling for her.

    • To be honest, despite the onscreen chemistry, I didn’t feel any special affection from So Eun about Junho either. There were none of Junho’s side glances and intense gazes on her side. Like you said, she is just too natural and friendly to everyone.

  • BE WITH YOU by Junho


    This slightly trembling moment that I (waited for a long time)
    You don’t know how long I’ve waited, do you (I know everything you want it too)
    Your warmth at my fingertips, your scent all over my body, baby
    Something endlessly intense like this deepening night

    I just wanna love you know that I want you
    So that I could be next to you (come to me oh)
    No one can replace you
    I just wanna be with you
    I just wanna be with you my love

    When your silhouette slowly comes closer I (take it slowly my baby)
    Little by little my heart is overwhelmed (I know everything you feel it too)
    The shivers from your fingertips, your silhouette, your whisper, baby
    Open all of your heart to me

    [repeat chorus]

    Your fragrant smile and that scent
    Make me drowsy and helpless
    Your sweet voice and those gestures
    Make me soft and tender the most in this world
    My all sensations are moving at your fingertips
    I‘m getting closer to you without even realizing it
    From now on I want to make love that cannot be expressed in words
    I want to know you better until the candles go out

    • It’s all about Kim So Eun ♥ 😀 if Junho singing this song, it will be more suspicious hahaha maybe junho ask to soeun to be with him and junho wait for her answer? 😀 just say “yes” eonni 😉 I’ll always support this couple even they’re just bestfriend haha I just love them.

    • Thanks for the translation, Rumpelstiltskin. I’ve been looking for the translation on the web since yesterday. I so love Junso couple. Please be real although for now it’s only my delusion just like what everyone is saying. But I can dream , please can I ?

      • Yes yes, you can! You are not alone. Gah, Junho must really be feeling the love when he wrote this song. It’s so intimate and seductive!

  • Aaaah…seems like you all having a good time here ^~^ and thanks for the warm welcome. Hihi *waving*, glad to see everyone here with their comments!!

    Wow, Junho’s lyrics is pretty intense here..hhahaha..seems like he’s growing up.
    Even though he tailor-made the song for Wooyoung, I am sure part of the song contains his thoughts, feelings & longings as well ;P..

    Thanks rumpelstiltskin for posting the lyrics here.

  • This slightly trembling moment that I (waited for a long time)
    You don’t know how long I’ve waited, do you (I know everything you want it too)—–> we all know that among the 2PM, he really wish to have a GF.. he always whine about having a girl

    Your warmth at my fingertips, your scent all over my body, baby
    Something endlessly intense like this deepening nigh———> talkin about the holding hands, fist bumping and hugging junho yah

    I just wanna love you know that I want you
    So that I could be next to you ——–>we all knew that, even so eun knews that u like her.. thru ur twitter confession…

    When your silhouette slowly comes closer I (take it slowly my baby)
    Little by little my heart is overwhelmed———–> thru 8 days of filming.. iknow u had the best time of ur life junho… as 2pm tease u in MBC interview ur eyesmiling even though filming ends at wee hours..

    I‘m getting closer to you without even realizing it——–> ur falling in love with her dude!!

    From now on I want to make love that cannot be expressed in words
    I want to know you better until the candles go out————> after M and L ends.. they are now dating….. hahhahahaha

    see u in delusional land junsso shippers!!!

    • Thanks for the pictures. I don’t think he’s using any handphone case.

      By the way,one of the readers highlighted that the red bracelet that Eunnie is wearing in the pictures above seemed almost similar to the ones that Junho are wearing in the photos that you have provided.

      What do you all think? Coincidence? Or is it the latest trend? 🙂

  • Pienso que la quimica entre ellos (o por lo menos de parte de So Eun) es más bien de amistad que de amor, aunque me gustaria que fueran pareja los veo más como grandes amigos. Por supuesto, la personalidad de ella es de naturaleza amigable entonces es un poco dificil decir si es algo especial o es parte de su forma de ser.

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