20 Jul 2012: “La Cage” VIP Preview Event

Published July 21, 2012 by kyleciatong

Below are the pictures taken during the Musical “La Cage” VIP Preview Event that took place on 20 Jul at 7pm at Yeoksam LG Arts Centre.

The musical tells the story of a gay couple: Georges, the owner of a trendy nightclub, and his partner and main attraction, Albin, and the events that unfold when their son Jean-Michel brings home his fiancée’s conservative parents to meet his own. Lee Minho (from Rooftop Prince) & 2AM’s Changmin are also participating in this musical playing the same role (I believe) as the son Jean-Michel.

Captions that followed with the pictured taked include:

1) Kim So Eun’s Attractive Smile

2) Kim So Eun, Like a Goddess that Came Out from a Drawing

3) Kim So Eun, Lanky Hand Greeting

4) Kim So Eun, Is it Alright to Look this/so Innocent/Pure?

She does look like an awesome sweet babe in the photos!

Here’s the video of her attending the preview on ETN (at 1min 15s onwards).

Transalaton of what she said in the video:

“I badly wanted to watch La Cage all this while and now there is this opportunity so I came to watch. I’ll go watch it well and enjoyably. La Cage fighting!”

La Cage Video

(Credit Newsen, ENews, TV Daily, ETN & 牛奶米奇 for the video)


19 comments on “20 Jul 2012: “La Cage” VIP Preview Event

  • Looking so pretty! Guys, she is filming “Horse Healer” on her birthday and that same month is 2PM’s comeback (most likely)! So many anticipations! Do you all think she would have time to attend 2PM’s comeback concert?

    By the way, just another coincidence but I have been lurking on the hallyu8 thread for 2PM and this news caught my eye

    ” junho and chansung was present today at a movie premiere/press conf of a Korean movie on gay marriages.”
    ” seems like their appearance was unplanned or last min cos they apparently caused quite a bit of excitement when they turned up.”
    “a new one called “2 weddings and a funeral”. their appearance seemed unplanned or at late notice cos everyone was shocked.”

    “ChanHo were the special guests of actor Kim Dong Yoon’s at the viewing of his movie ‘Two weddings and a Funeral’ at sangsangmadang Cinema”

      • no, junho went to a movie screening with chansung, wearing a long sleeve shirt with a short pants (LOL) at Sangsangmadang Cinema while soeun went to a musical show at the LG Art Center but both shows is about gay couple.

    • Yeah, I also thought about it, So Eun will be busy for Horse healer on her birthday up to maybe first half of next year. I wonder if she can make it to the 2PM’s concert. I hope she will find time!! Please, PDs of that drama, give So Eun a break!!! Haha

      So Junho also attended this event? and in last minute? OMOOO! I think he went there knowing So Eun will be there too! And since 2AM’s Changmin (his labelmate) is in that movie he has an excuse to go there (supporting Changmin etc) and drag Chansung with him! HAHAHA *delusional mind*

      • Thanks for the clarification, Ida. They sure are teasing my delusional mind. There’s always next time,I hope.: -)

      • I’m sorry for not clarifying you guys, but at least the junsocouple love is still staying strong! Yeah I just thought it was a mighty fine coincidence that both would be attending a kind of artistic endeavor with the same theme. I do wonder who invited her, though.

        Btw, her attending this event kinda makes her a liberal, doesn’t it,? She tweeted that she enjoyed the musical and found it interesting, after all.

      • You’re right. Soeun will be busy for her new drama. I hope soeun can attend 2PM’s concert. She has already promise to attend, right? Junho will texting or calling her to attend to the concert. Junho really want soeun to attend to his concert and Soeun want to see him on the stage too. Junho promise to rip his clothes off even to rip the lower part if soeun really come lol.

  • Wow. So Eun really look great in that bubble gum pink dress! Her swag was just asdfghjkl PERFECT!! Looks so elegant and innocent! LOVE IT!! She’s getting prettier and prettier each day! And yay! her long hair is back! missed it so much!!

  • To Tombotomoe, it’s ok no need to say sorry. It’s just me fangirling on these 2. I noticed , the’re both wearing shorts on separate but same theme shows,lol. I wonder when is the most awaited 2PM show ?, I’m with you, hope she can attend and show support to Junho. 🙂

    • Yeah and Junho looks so yummy in his lol. Hottest have speculated around early to mid September for 2PM comeback but nothing is concrete yet

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