9Aug2012: Junho in Baila Magazine September 2012

Published August 11, 2012 by kyleciatong

Below is a translation from an interview with Junho taken from September issue of Japanese magazine Baila. The translation is based on the Chinese translated version taken from Baidu Lee Junho. Do pardon me for any poor translation :).


I am very happy that I am able to realize my dreams by working hard together with   2PM members, staff and the fans.

Being termed as the “Beastly Idols” 2PM, just like in <<I’m Your Man>> the sexy tie dance, is a 6 members male group whose greatest appeal lie in their energetic male beauty filled peformances. They debuted in Korea in 2008 but their activities also rapidly expanded throughout Asia. It had been exactly a year since their first single’s debut in Japan, but they had already held a 6-days solo (group) performance at Budokan and have scheduled appearances in <<Learning Korean Through TV>> (ETV) as well as <<2AM & 2PM Wander Trip>> (Tokyo MX), showing signs of their continuous growth.

“It initially started from ZEPP Tour, Arena and followed by Budokan, the members all said that ‘Let’s do a concert at Dome next time!’  I am very happy with the process of being able to realize my dreams constantly by working hard together with the members, staff and fans. In his heart, lives an indelible memory – that is the countless yellow lights that he saw at Budokan and Yokohama Arena concerts. “When I was performing the self-composed song <<If You Are Here>>, each member’s representative colour appeared and the audience seats turned into one big patch of yellow! The shining lights made my eyes teared.” That joy made a busy Junho decide to continue on the path of being a producer. Last month, Junho composed a song <<Be With You>> for 2PM member Woo Young who made his solo debut in Korea. “I’ve made this song while constantly thinking that ‘Woo Young’s voice is very outstanding’. Even though it is a ballad, his voice is very sexy. I even want to try singing this song myself.” Though he prefers to be sexy in his songs, Junho’s usual fashion-wear style turns out to be natural. “Though I also like fashionable/futuristic clothes, I recently prefer T-shirt and rolled jeans. Just like the clothes I’m wearing today. (Laughs)”

As compared to his first kiss, the chirping sounds of the little bird I reared left a deeper impression. (Laughs)

Among 2PM members, Junho is the one with the most innocent appeal. Then what kind of man exactly is he?

“I am the type that if once I’ve decided, ‘This is it then’ and I will do it all the way.” After convincing his parents to let him enter a drama school to study, he joined a competition as he much preferred dancing and singing as compared to acting. He beautifully landed up being number 1 after breaking through the obstacle of 6500:1. “I started being a trainee in my present company during my first year in high school. I had to travel back and forth between school and company then, practicing non-stop and practised with the members continuously till the next day morning. We kept on chatting…even for now, nothing seems to have changed.’ (Laughs)

Looking back on your past, what is the thought that comes to mind?

I just met my friends from school recently and memories from the past came gushing up. As I was a trainee, I couldn’t play like the rest, thus I am very envious of them. It’s not regret, just a feeling that I couldn’t bear to part with when it comes to the fact that I couldn’t turn back time. Of course. I often hung out and played with my friends during middle school and immersed myself fully into acting in high school, I even took on the role of a female lead before and this was a very important role. (Laughs) I didn’t realize the importance of such times, but from now, I will treasure every minute and every second.”

Fully absorbed in his memories, he suddenly blurted out, “I just recalled something!”

“Can I talk about my first kiss (laughs)? This is the first time I am mentioning it to someone. When I was in my fourth year in elementary school, I had a very good relationship with a girl staying opposite my house. The two of us, along with my sister would often play together. There was one day when we playing together as usual, my sister instigated me, “Why don’t you try kissing once?” My sister was in her second year of middle school and I was in my fourth year of elementary school. so that couldn’t possibly come true right? I’ve kissed her, though it sounded quite scary (laughs) and that was my first kiss. But, as compared to my first kiss, I have a deeper impression of the chirping sounds of the little bird I reared then (laughs). I miss those times.

Moving along on the abrupt topic on first kiss, we questioned his views on love.

Up till now, I’ve always been the type that will fall deeply into love, but should that be the case, I think it could be rather tiring. Thus from now, I want to fall in love leisurely.

Do the members talk on the topic of love?

We practically don’t. But we’ve always been together…so you’ll kind of get an idea on their views on love. Nickhun, is definitely the gentleman type. If Taecyeon and Chansung fall in love, they will become very pig-headed because they belong to the type that once they are into something, they will completely ignore things around them. Woo Young, who loves to worry is the type that will take note of the situation and hide his girlfriend, but because he may be too careful and lands up breaking up (with his girlfriend). Then Junsu…I don’t know! I couldn’t read his behaviour at all (laughs)”

“I feel that for the sake of 2PM, I have to grow up. Honestly speaking, at this moment my curiosity simply couldn’t stop. Acting, modelling etc, I want to discover a new ‘me’ in different areas.

(Credit Baila, Baidu Lee Junho & Baidu 2PM)


15 comments on “9Aug2012: Junho in Baila Magazine September 2012

    • Heheh..sorry but I think you might have to wait for a while *sheepish*
      Doing the fan-fic kill more of my brain cells and takes up more time than translating the news articles & tweets, that’s why there hasn’t been much progress fromw here I last stopped. I will try to work a bit harder….

      • Thanks for the translation Kyleciatong , I watched the game rooting for South Korea for my Junso couple ❤ . Unfortunately lost to Japan. :(. speaking of Junso , I agree with BL that he had the beginning ❤ for So Eun, if it is mutual love, in the case of Junso couple in the future( I hope), it is definitely give and take- leisurely.

  • @odetojoy, SK actually beat Japan 2-0 and they win the bronze medal. SK is the winner for that game, not Japan so you should be happy 🙂 …..

  • i am a bit confuse with his answer.. i may interpret his answer on a bad way with falling in love leisurely.. can someone expalin it with me.. 🙂 thank guys..

    and to may observation i really think junho fell in love or like so eun after m& l… as he tweeted he wants a gf, coz being a celebrity all ur tweets are monitored, he doesnt care if his tweets may cause scandal.. as stated its his personality ” this is it then”..

    but there was no clue to his answer if he’ currently dating right now.. every hottest says that he looks inspired and more handsome and bubbly right now..!they even thanked so eun/ or the girl for thatx :)))

    any way hope they are friends or continue to contact each other..

    just love junsso!

    • @camay,,, from program ‘Its Time 2PM’-junho interview (when 2PM first year debut),
      junho was talking about his first love, but that girl ended up
      cheating on him with his best friend (guy). since then, he want to made up his mind to fall in love more easily.
      * I think his answer for both interview was similar. 🙂 *
      But until now, it seems that he can’t change his mind… cz from interview above, he still mentioned that ‘Up till now, i’ve always been the type that will fall deeply into love.’ 🙂

    • So sorry but I watched the women’s volley ball game bet. Japan and SK and Japan won bronze. You’re right, it was the men’s soccer game where SK won bronze medal against Japan.. Yay.

  • ohh.. thanks for explaining 🙂
    hope the junsso contact each other till now.. i want them to be happy and enjoy life and enjoy being in love…

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