30Aug2012: Kim So Eun Attends Fashion Exhibition

Published August 30, 2012 by kyleciatong

Probably old news by now…hehe

Below are the photos of Eunnie attending the fashion exhibition held at the Beyond Museum (http://www.beyondmuseum.com/) in Cheongdamdong by casual woman brand O’2nd (http://www.o2nd.co.kr/o2nd/kor/front/index.html) for their 15th anniversary this afternoon.

According to the articles, seems like Eunnie is all dressed up to welcome the autumn season.

Hmm…it seems to me she has put a little weight??? She must have fed herself really well during her break ^-^.

Video of the exhibition. Eunnie appears from 2.54min onwwards.



(Credit Newsen, SportSeoul, bntnews, TV Report, Sport Korea, myDaily)


8 comments on “30Aug2012: Kim So Eun Attends Fashion Exhibition

  • Hi Kyleciatong, it’s good to have news update in this blog, :). Thank you for loading her pictures. As usual she’s so pretty. It’s good for me to see her put a little weight, I think she;s quite skinny after Happy Ending. Hope she is healthy and fit to start shooting for saeguk drama.

    Any news about her upcoming birthday party or present from anyone here?

    • Hehe.. I know my updates have been rather sparse and few these days as I am busy preparing for my trips again. But no matter I’ll definitely try to update if there are news of Eunnie and/or JunSo CP 🙂

      I believe fans @Baidu are arranging some presents/card for her…

  • hi ^ ^ thank you for posting this one , your translations really help XD
    and wow , she’s wearing Louboutins again ! she seems really like that brand..so far i notice that she owns 5 pairs..and she likes Jimmy choo too..hehe that’s all :))

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