21Sep2012: Kim So Eun Attends Opening Event of 8seconds’s New Store

Published September 22, 2012 by kyleciatong

Countless pictures of Eunnie attending the opening event of global SPA (short for  specialty retailer of private-label apparel) brand 8seconds’s (http://www.8seconds.co.kr/) new store in Gangnam today at 4pm KST time, along with many other other celebrities, appeared online today.

(Pictures credit Dailian, Newsen ArtNews, Osen, SSTV, Review Star, News Way, The Star)


8 comments on “21Sep2012: Kim So Eun Attends Opening Event of 8seconds’s New Store

  • Good evening! Eunnie looking so beautiful as always. Love her outfit. With her pic where she’s partially sticking her tongue out, reminds me of M&L. The good old lovely days of JunSo couple. ❤ Thanks Kyleciatong for posting :). Btw, Junho-yah, get well soon.Ladies, let's keep this blog alive come what may.

    • Yup she looks so fantastic here. Of course we shall keep supporting both eunnie and this blog. So many news would undoubtedly come now that the premiere of horse healer is coming very soon. And I believe the press conference pics are out already?
      I would be lying if I said that it doesn’t bother me that her recent dramas have been fairly disappointing but we just have to keep the faith that her time to shine will soon come. So fingers crossed you guys!

      And yes junho had surgery lately and they’re confirmed for a global tour in asia! Let us also support 2PM!

      • Yeah, there have been many news lately, since Horse Healer will be broadcast on 1Oct.
        Thank you all for your continued support. I’ve been so bogged down by work that I couldn’t find much time to update her recent pictures and news but guess none of you will miss the action as soompi also has her updates.
        Yup, hope Junho will recover well soon, haven’t keeping myself update of his news of late…. *sigh*..

      • Hi kyleciatong, can you translate japanese おかえり, what is that mean??? I’m just curious because I saw Junho twitter on sep 19 saying that, @dlwnsghek : Ayaka – おかえり 오늘 잠에들면 또 다시 그 꿈이었으면 좋겠다. / Ayaka- おかえり When I go to sleep today I hope i have that dream again…and when I saw this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EreeJBYrBSI&feature=player_embedded there is some scene in the train to Jeonju (like the ep.2 M&L Junho & So eun) did he miss So eun when he see this MV & saying When I go to sleep today I hope i have that dream again…my delusional mode on…hehehe…

  • Do you know kyleciatong….I got the news form one of his fans site,
    that Junho 2PM chosen the title role in a new movie about ‘. Stakeout ‘.
    After earlier Junho had starred as a guest in small matters’. White: The Melody of the Curse ‘. , if he plays in the story really opens himself to the world of cinema. The list of actors who starred in this film was announced I was Sul Kyung, Jang Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo.
    Agent, creator, said, “Most recently, Junho’s name is the first choice for the lead role in the upcoming film. And now we are the same “.
    ‘. Stakeout ‘tell a story. Group of investigators from the Surveillance Unit of the Special Crimes worked together to destroy the bank robbery. Filming is scheduled to begin in October, immediately after casting ends.
    Do you think that maybe he want to have the same drama/movie scene with So Eun in the future??? kekekek…..

    • おかえり means “welcome back/home” if I remember correctly.
      It’s great to hear that he is branching out into acting, believe that was he studied in the past. Yup and who knows they might get to collaborate someday somehow ??

  • they do look exactly alike with park min young. anyways park minyoung and kim soeun were my fave. they should have a collaboration together in a drama as sisters.

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