After School BokBulBok

Published September 17, 2013 by kyleciatong



I almost squealed out loud when I saw this photo on After School’s Facebook page *sorry Junho*!!!

Jung Kyung Ho is an actor that I came to like in recent days as I did some catching up on his drama Smile, You & Heartless City.

I was already excited when I saw that he’s appearing on the dramatoon but didn’t realize Eunnie and him are that  close to take a shot holding each other closely.

Guess being in the same agency helps…hehe

Those who love their chemistry, you can watch their bts here.

JKH:  (shouted) Constipation pills!

KSE: Oppa, you gave me a fright! I forgotten all ( she was referring to her lines)

JKH: Did I do that? But it’s written in the script isn’t it?  To say “constipation pills” loudly. Oppa is an actor who is true to the script, aren’t I?

Haha, their interaction is really quite cute!

Anyway this dramatoon is really a light-hearted drama. It’s outrageously funny and out of this world. Just don’t take it too seriously when watching it, as some parts really don’t make any sense.

I am glad to see that Eunnie is finally working with people around her age but too bad they are all or most of them are  younger than her.

But as always Eunnie never fails to deliver, her acting is superb!!!

Looking forward to her new drama and movie project!!


13 comments on “After School BokBulBok

  • yeah… i always waiting for new episode…
    even though i don’t understand what theyre talking about, still i enjoyed every show 🙂

    hopefully, someone would care to make the english sub *cross fingers*

    • It’s not that easy, their situation is different. JKH is already in his thirties and his partner is an ordinary girl (not someone in the showbiz). IF it’s true that Soeun is in relationship, since this is a junso blog so we can assumed that her partner is a very famous idol with a lot of fans from all continents, I think it’s a wise move to hide their relationship to protect them both. Even Junho said; “But in my case, even if I get a girlfriend, I wouldn’t reveal it publicly.”

      Btw, both Junho and Soeun wore a denim jacket in their latest airport fashion 🙂

      • don’t take my comment too seriously, i’m mean nothing ㅋㅋㅋ, i rather they hide their relationship than getting bashing here and there

  • @amolite, haha i think we should wait for 2-3 years. Most artist admit their relationship after 2-3 years haha. Or maybe when they are planning to go for the next stage of their relationship. Waaa… Hopefully junsso are real. >.< i miss them so much.

    • I really hope so hahaha but guys, if you see those denim jackets, accurately the same jacket (different color) or people might think about coincidences, yeah it’s up to their own mind but since i never believe in coincidence stuffs i come to a conclusion that it really tells us how far their relationship is, though we don’t know yet whether or not that relationship is exatcly the same as what we have wished. Super glad when i saw that photo 🙂

      • even when soeun went to beijing n junho went to japan, their fashion are similar. Even soeun dress n junho shirt colour are similar. Haha my delulu goes crazy

  • I love after school bokbulbok..its so funny..
    I heard if jung kyung ho has relationship with sooyoung from SNSD..but just rumour.. 😀
    btw, the guys at AOF is seo kang joon from 5urprise look alike junho..hehehe #wink

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