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I almost squealed out loud when I saw this photo on After School’s Facebook page *sorry Junho*!!!

Jung Kyung Ho is an actor that I came to like in recent days as I did some catching up on his drama Smile, You & Heartless City.

I was already excited when I saw that he’s appearing on the dramatoon but didn’t realize Eunnie and him are that  close to take a shot holding each other closely.

Guess being in the same agency helps…hehe

Those who love their chemistry, you can watch their bts here.

JKH:  (shouted) Constipation pills!

KSE: Oppa, you gave me a fright! I forgotten all ( she was referring to her lines)

JKH: Did I do that? But it’s written in the script isn’t it?  To say “constipation pills” loudly. Oppa is an actor who is true to the script, aren’t I?

Haha, their interaction is really quite cute!

Anyway this dramatoon is really a light-hearted drama. It’s outrageously funny and out of this world. Just don’t take it too seriously when watching it, as some parts really don’t make any sense.

I am glad to see that Eunnie is finally working with people around her age but too bad they are all or most of them are  younger than her.

But as always Eunnie never fails to deliver, her acting is superb!!!

Looking forward to her new drama and movie project!!


25Jun2013: “Cold Eyes” VIP Premiere

Published June 26, 2013 by kyleciatong

After more than 1 year, I almost come to believe that our dear JunSo couple are no longer in contact but then came the news that proved me wrong! Yay!

Tons of pictures of So Eun attending the VIP movie premiere at Mega Box, Coex outlet on the 25th June.
It was mentioned that she came at the invitation of Junho. Of course there were many other stars (really many) that participated as well.

Anyway, did a super quick scan of some of the articles and most articles were about the movie, stars who attended the premiere, her smile and her dressing (her shorts being too short) etc. Thus nothing significant except for the fact that we now know they are still in contact..hahaha..

Anyway, hoping to see So Eun in a new project soon.
Let’s enjoy her latest pictures and video, while waiting. d*O*b

Kim So Eun: I came at Junho’s invitation. I’ll watch the movie enjoyably & well. Cold Eyes, fighting!
* I suppose they must be on rather good relations that she omitted the “sshi” after saying Junho’s name, hmmm….





Credit superscv1004 for the video

9Apr13: OBS Exclusive Entertainment News

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Well it definitely seems I’ve been away on a long hiatus.
Gotta to admit I am starting to get really lazy in updating this blog.
Nevertheless I am glad to see many new translated articles on So Eun-sshi being updated in Soompi .
Simply can’t believe the number of interviews that she has done post Horse Healer.
Looking forward to her next work and wondering who she will land up working with.

Anyway, saw an interview with her by OBS, didn’t see any translation out yet so thought I post a general translation here. Enjoy!

Round eyes, high-bridged nose, cherry-like lips.
OBS Unique Entertainment News’s sweet date with Kim So Eun begins now.

Kim So Eun:
Hello, OBS Exclusive Entertainment News’s viewers, I am actress Kim So Eun. In the recently ended popular drama, Kim So Eun received a lot of love through the role of adorable Princess Sukwhi.

Can you feel your popularity in real life?

Kim So Eun:
Yes, whenever I walk on the streets, many elderly folks seem to recognize me.
In addition, when I go to the restaurants, I will receive lots of service.
Thus I can feel my popularity through these.
The age gap of my fan base seems to be more varied. Previously many those in their 10s & 20s know me. Now those in their 40s & 50s are getting to know me.

It must be really difficult to be an actress that is so well-loved by everyone?

Kim So Eun:
No matter what, as the filming took place throughout winter, the battle with cold weather is the hardest part. As the filming location is on the mountain, the weather is different from Seoul, it’s extremely cold. Even though we have hotpacks with us, it was so cold that they were nearly frozen.

What does she think of her co-star Jo Seung Woo‘s care?

Kim So Eun:
I first watched his movies. I thought that he was a perfectionist and very sharp person. But on the set, he was the ambience maker. He played a lot of jokes on the set. In addition, he always matched/accommodated to the style of his co-stars and treated us many delicious food.

Then So Eu-sshi, do you want to date an attentive boyfriend like Jo Seung Woo?

Kim So Eun:
Yes, I want to. But my condition doesn’t allow it. There are restrictions on the filming set. Furthermore, shooting location, home, shooting location, home, going to and fro, I absolutely have no time to meet him.

But the more important excuse than this is..?

Kim So Eun:

My agency doesn’t seem to recommend it…hahahaha..
(Comments: I also want to date…)

But one more thing, Kim So Eun’s dream was something else?

Kim So Eun:
I can ski very well. I was doing it constantly and given it a lot of thoughts. Then by chance, I took part in filming a CF and developed an interest in acting then.
(Comments: Elementary & secondary school was to become a skater)

Are you contented being an actress now?

Kim So Eun:
Yes, it seems that I was born to be an actress. I feel very happy whenever I act. It’s interesting to create a new character and for this, I’ve studied & worked hard. I feel exceptionally happy when I have something that I want to do.

Kim So Eun who thinks that she’s a natural-born actress, so what kind of actress does she want to be remembered as in the future?

Kim So Eun:
I want to be a colourful actress – an actress who is called Kim So Eun is someone who has varied images. No matter what character she plays, she can digest the character very well. I hope to receive this kind of affirmation. Instead of looking at others as model, I want to work hard to become someone’s model.

Reporter: But So Eun-ssi is already qualified to be an excellent model.

Kim So Eun:
OBS Exclusive Entertainment News’s viewers, always take care of your health. I will always work hard to show everyone a better image and better acting skills in a pretty manner, so please look forward to it. Thank you.

19Nov12: Kim So Eun’s Mannequin Play “Whatever She Does, An Adorable Princess Sukhwi”

Published November 19, 2012 by kyleciatong

Below is an article published today of Eunnie’s fooling around, acting like a mannequin at the MBC centre while waiting for her turn to film her scenes.

Of course, there were praises of her such as “she’s like a mannequin when wearing a hanbok”, “she’s like a doll”, “she’s adorable in whatever she does” etc.

So what do you all think???


김소은 마네킹 놀이, “뭘 해도 귀여운 숙휘공주” 깜찍

김소은 마네킹 놀이’

배우 김소은이 마네킹 놀이에 푹 빠졌다.

MBC 월화드라마 ‘마의’에서 사랑스러운 숙휘공주 역으로 출연 중인 김소은은 고운 색감의 당의를 입고 마네킹으로 변신했다.

이번에 공개된 사진은 MBC 드림센터 복도에서 촬영 대기 중이던 김소은이 한쪽 벽에서 마치 쇼윈도우에 전시된 마네킹처럼 서 있는 모습이 담겨 있다.

특히 화려한 빛깔의 당의까지 갖춰 입고 귀엽게 한 손가락을 입에 가져다 댄 김소은의 모습에 스태프들은 “진짜 한복 입은 마네킹 보는 것 같다” 며 칭찬을 아끼지 않은 것으로 알려졌다.

김소은 마네킹 놀이 사진에 네티즌들은 “숙휘공주는 뭘 해도 귀엽다”, “진짜 깜찍하다”, “김소은 마네킹 놀이였어? 진짜 인형인 줄” 등의 반응을 보였다.

한편 19일 방송되는 ‘마의’ 15회에서는 조승우와 손창민의 살벌한 카리스마 대결이 펼쳐질 것으로 예고됐다.

동아닷컴 도깨비뉴스

(Credit dkbnews)

12Nov12: Kim So Eun on Shindong’s SimSimTaPa Radio Program

Published November 13, 2012 by kyleciatong

Guess most of us would have known by now that Eunnie was on Shindong’s radio program on MBC radio on 12 Nov 12 midnight.

It was a very interesting program in my opinion as Eunnie was asked many questions about her new drama &  its director, her own character and dreams, her family and sister etc. , and of course her participation in M&L was being brought up a few times during the interview. Unfortunately, with my level of Korean I am not confident to give an accurate translation of what was being said. But for those who wish to listen, you can visit this link : and look for “2012-11-12  일 : 한밤의 라디오 연예 (with 그레이트 탁, 박성기 기자, 김소은)”. Click on the purple button and the download will start.

(Credit MBC’s 신동의 심심타파 and Kim So Eun’s Baidu)

07Nov12: Kim So Eun’s Interview – Horse Healer’s Kim So Eun, Practices Being a Spoiled Child at Home for Princess Sukhwi’s Role

Published November 11, 2012 by kyleciatong

It has been a really long while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Work and travel have been taking up a lot of my time so I am afraid I won’t be able to update this blog as much as I wanted to.

Nevertheless, it seems like Eunnie have been getting rave reviews on her performance as Princess Sukwhi (just as we expected) and got herself an endorsement with BBQ Chicken.

Below is a rough translation of excerpt of an interview with Eunnie that I was asked to translate.


Q: What are your thoughts after watching “Horse Healer”?

A: The more I watch, the more interesting it becomes. Due to the strong acting skills of the senior actors & with its plot developing at faster paced than the existing historical drama, every week I’ll look forward to the day of the broadcast. Director Lee Byoung Hun has filmed me to be such an interesting and adorable character and I am thankful to him.

Q: Because of Princess Sukhwi who acted like a spoiled child, there have been many favourable comments, have you done any preparation for the historical drama or the character ?
A. My style is one which I will watch as many works/dramas as I can and work hard to follow/learn. Thus before the filming started, I did lot of discussion with the director. In addition, I also tried to practice a lot with the senior actors Lee Seung Woo & Lee Yo Won, who are also acting together in the same drama. Though it’s a historical drama, the tone of speech is quite near to contemporary drama, thus there is not much difficulty. Except, normally I don’t act like a spoiled child like Princess Sukhwi so I intend to do a lot of practice at home (Laughed).

Q: What kind of character do you think the Princess is? Are there are similarities or differences between the Princess and you?

A: She’s a straightforward, lively but an/a ill-bred/rude Princess. By nature, I don’t act like a spoiled child and am slightly blunt. Thus initially when I started to act being a spoiled child, there was some difficulties. On the other hand, we share the similarities of being straightforward, easy going and frank in expressing our feelings.

Q. Beside the cat, you need to act alongside many other animals, were there any difficulties?
A. At first, I was taken aback by the cat’s natural acting. Frankly as I kept a cat at home, I am familiar with how to get along with animals, so there wasn’t any difficulty.

Q: Among all the scenes that you have filmed thus far for ”Horse Healer”, which was the most memorable scene?

A: The 11th episode of “Horse Healer” on the 5th, the scene of kissing Gwang Hyeon’s cheeks was the most memorable. Though the kissing scene was done with one take without any NGs, I felt embarassed after that so I kept breaking into laughter in embarassment as I read my lines.

Q: Do you think a love like that of reckless Princess Sukwhi & Bak Gwang Hyeon, where there is difference in social status, is possible in reality?

A: I think that is possible. The Princess is very active and passionate towards love and that is very much like me.

Q: What kind of production do you think “Horse Healer” is?  Is there any point that the audience can forward to?

A. As a drama, I feel it’s a production that can make people feel the love for animals initially. From the Princess’s point, I think it’s the process of an immature Princess growing up to be Princess who knows how to love (that the audience can look forward to). In the future, as the 3-party relationship with Gwang Hyeon & Ji Nyeong develops, even after transforming into a jealous person, it would be good if I can still continue to receive attention and love like now.

Q: After the broadcast of “Horse Healer”, what is the evaluation or nickname that you would like to hear?
A. I would like to hear the evaluation “an actress who is also well-suited for historical drama.”

(Credit & MBC)